Advice for "Hard" Difficulty Combat?

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The 10-hour trial made me want to play through the game on hard (whatever it's called in-game), to get more out of the combat. But I've struggled in the early levels, enemies hit hard - seems like you get 2 "freebies" from shields then 2 on your health (w/ no regen in between so as little as 3 hits to death).

Hoping someone has more experience with the game, or played a lot of MP during trial, to know what the better skills to get first are? The best stuff to research/craft first? Or any random tips? I can see the combat being pretty great but I don't want to be stuck hiding in cover, popping up for a head shot, and repeating ad nauseum for the first 20 hours in order to reach that point.

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You have to be very mindful of how the enemies are moving around. If you just hunker up in any spot it seemed like they'll just surround and flank or rush you. I had the most success by ducking into cover, popping out to get a few kills, and then using the new mobility to dash over to a new spot then repeat. I have a feeling it'll get easier once there are more powers. I was playing infiltrator with nothing but stealth and eventually overload to use.

Personally I'm going to grab armor killing and shield killing skills immediately. You can't command the AI anymore so you can't guarantee that they'll use theirs when you need it and on who you need.

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Find choke points where enemies run to you instead of surrounding you. I recommend taking Cloak as it not only allows you to run away mostly undetected but allows you to raise your allies without being detected as well. Incinerate is nice against enemies with shields as it puts a dot on them that prevents their shields from recharging and a burn on armored units that allows them to be setup for combo damage.

Don't forget later on in the game you'll get load outs to play around with so you'll be able to handle different situations accordingly with more than just cloak, headshot, and repeat.

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