Another new trailer, this time focusing on weapons:

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For some stupid reason, this was never posted to the official Mass Effect You Tube channel, so I didn't even know about it for a couple of days. I get that the see-through enemies are probably supposed to be training holograms or whatever, but they're still hard to see. I didn't really like that, but the rest of the combat looks potentially pretty good.

Here's a nice analysis video, as well as a couple of small corrections. This does contain a few more gameplay spoilers than the actual trailer, so consider yourself warned:

Hey guys, a few corrections:

1. With the holsters, it looks like we'll start the game with two holsters slots and a melee weapon slot (as showed in the pause menu in this video). The extra holsters will expand to the two empty slots on the same screen.

2. The rarity levels on gear seem to have a discrepancy between what's in the gameplay and what was reported from my sources (press that got to play 5 hours of the game.) Unless things have been changed, what we've seen so far is bronze is common, silver is uncommon, gold is rare, and N7 is ultra rare. We haven't seen a platinum so far.

Thanks to those who cleared those things up. Thanks for watching!

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I know they're just covering their backs but it's a bit weird when you put "Not actual gameplay" at the end of a video that was clearly showing how you're gonna play the game.

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@probablytuna: I was wondering the same thing. The character models and physics look nearly identical to the other videos. Maybe it's because that section isn't actually in the game?

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@probablytuna: it probably has to do with performance, which has me worried the most.

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@probablytuna: Could be any number of reasons I suppose, but I'm guessing it's just 'cause this whole simulation map thingy won't be in the actual game. These briefings are supposed to be in-universe training videos/recruitment ads for the Andromeda Initiative, which is why they're set to hidden on the official YouTube channel; marketing would rather people watch them through the Andromeda Initiative 'extranet' site, with attendant information supplements and 'Earn Elite Equipment' tie-in. So, they created this whole scenario - from the 'virtual world' map to the holographic enemies - for the sake of maintaining that in-universe training video aesthetic.

Could be wrong, of course, but that's my guess.

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@probablytuna: It's not actually gameplay as there are no HUD elements such as Biotic powers, life and shields, party members, etc. and like @kirkyx said it's an Initiative video for "training" purposes. Nothing you you see in that video is actually in the game. It might be created using the engine but almost guaranteed nothing in the video is in the game.

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Why does this game look so dated? Has it been in development that long?

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@zirilius said:

It might be created using the engine but almost guaranteed nothing in the video is in the game.

A little hyperbolic, no?

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@dgtlty said:

Why does this game look so dated? Has it been in development that long?

I think it's the minimalist approach to the training area featured in the video. The full game looks much better. See for yourself:

Loading Video...

Game looks good to me. I am glad to hear that they're still working on those facial animations, though.

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