Halo 4's Lead Writer Joins New Mass Effect

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#102 Edited by VonSoot (243 posts) -

So much cynicism.... more Sci Fi RPG Epics please for myself please!

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#103 Edited by Xdeser2 (287 posts) -

Halo 4's story was pretty good (Despite needing to brush up on the Lore to understand all of it) so this ain't that bad of a move to me.

Can't be any worse than how ME 3 turned out

Edit: quite a few people are saying that Halo had a hard plot to follow or that it had almost no story...What? Since the first game it's been just as focused on the story as the gameplay, do people just not pay attention/give a shit or do they just echo the "HEY LOOK IT'S JOHN HALO" jokes on stream?

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#104 Edited by Mike17032 (107 posts) -

I liked most of the Halo 4 story. The whole chosen one nonsense is overdone, but The Chief and Cortana was more than enough to keep me interested. I actually felt bad for him at the end.

I eagerly finished Halo, and I couldn't get through ME even though I played the shit out of the first two.

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#106 Edited by Vertrucio (153 posts) -

Guess that writer got tired of his perfectly good story and backstory being shunted off into terminals and meaningless dialog involving semi-cryptic religious references.

While I hated Halo's ability to tell a story, I actually like its actual story. But it was absolutely abysmal how they went out of their way to hide that story. While we get it that it's about the gameplay, you're a billion dollar studio, you can easily afford to explore.

Terminals, out of game websites, etc, etc. Pure stupidity.

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#107 Posted by bargainben (500 posts) -

people really chomping on them sweet lemons, fighting back the tears to get a smile on their face. ME4, you get to casually recruit your ragtag team of operatives in order to stop some kinda rogue AI while boring lore is implied left and right. Next up, we here you loved the first person mode in GTA5...

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