Happy N7 Day (New Mass Effect: Andromeda Teaser w/ Jennifer Hale)

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#1 Posted by Fruitcocoa (665 posts) -

"This is Commander Shepard, signing off"

Goosebumps! Also - now we know what happened to Shepard at the end of ME3.

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#2 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (6219 posts) -

I want some more Mass Effect. Maybe, this time they don't kill off everyone in the universe at the end...idiots.

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#3 Posted by JohnLocke (677 posts) -

Very curious as to what this game is. I am a huge fan of the second game, so if they can capture the story telling beats from that and have the game feel as good, then I am sold.

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#4 Posted by StarvingGamer (11359 posts) -


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Where the heck is @n7, how can he not be here on his own special day?!?

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Shepard is a dude I dunno who this impostor is.

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#7 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -
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#8 Posted by xerseslives (254 posts) -

If Shepard is back... then... maybe, just maybe, I could see Tali again?

Oh god, they're going to pull me back in.

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#9 Posted by Soapy86 (2738 posts) -

I didn't hear Shepard. That must've been his girlfriend or something.

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#10 Posted by ArbitraryWater (14683 posts) -

It's a teaser. Not much to say about it. I'm interested in seeing what this game ends up being, though if it's like Dragon Age Inquisition crossed with the planetary exploration of the first game that's... less exciting.

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#11 Posted by LawGamer (1300 posts) -

I only have one question:

Will there be a taupe ending?

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#12 Posted by ZolRoyce (1618 posts) -

That gave me some Interstellar vibes, if they are implying that this is a sort of Star Trek Voyager type thing where its "Hey, we are going to fling you out in the far unknown far away from home all bye yourself good luuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" thing then I am down. So down.

Also finally some FemShep respect from BioWare.

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#13 Posted by Veektarius (6098 posts) -
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#14 Posted by LazyEkans (101 posts) -

What if people didn't make sexist jokes and we all just enjoyed Hale's voice acting...yeah. I'm gonna live in that world.

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#15 Edited by Tennmuerti (9082 posts) -

I just want to drive the Mako up a 75% incline hill on the horizon of an alien planet.

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#16 Posted by CaLe (4755 posts) -

I can't believe Brad said he wished there would be no more Mass Effect during the livestream. What a punk.

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#17 Posted by ThunderSlash (2588 posts) -

You can tell me that this is a teaser for a new Civilization Beyond Earth expansion and I would've believed you.

God-Reaper Shepard confirmed?

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#18 Posted by ArtisanBreads (8074 posts) -

I just want to drive the Mako up a 75% hill on the horizon of an alien planet.

Give me that ME 1 goodness and openness!

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I wanted space cowboys. Not like dirty Firefly space cowboys, but sleek Mass Effect space cowboys. Guess I'll have to settle for space explorers, which I'm pretty alright with.

I'm a little conflicted about the presence of Shepard though. This audio could fit into any canon as something he/she recorded before his/her death, but if they're truly trying to make something brand new then why even have Shepard in there? It implies some kind of explanation for the ending of 3 which, IMO, I don't really need.

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#20 Edited by OurSin_360 (4450 posts) -

Wait...what? Well if Shepard is back I may jump off the mass effect wagon for a while. 'Halle Shepard'(speaking in trailer) sacrificed herself in Mass effect maybe 'Your Shepard' survived at the end though but he's not speaking in this trailer(Yes his first name was Your for obvious reasons).

If they pull a Infamous and completely ignore your actual choices and chose an ending for you,I think I'm done.

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#21 Posted by Blackout62 (2037 posts) -

@cale: He's just angry because of that stupid broken flash drive with his Mass Effect saves.

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#22 Posted by archnite (75 posts) -

Shepard passing the baton to the next generation, that little music sting at the end. I've got the hype-bumps

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#23 Posted by golguin (5275 posts) -

I got the green ending so everyone better have techno organic structure.

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#24 Posted by N7 (4159 posts) -

@sterling said:

Where the heck is @n7, how can he not be here on his own special day?!?

I go away for a couple of months and all of a sudden I've got my very own day. Well I've got to thank my friends, family, my co-workers at that last job I had a few years ago, those guys were tight.

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#25 Posted by ViciousBearMauling (2078 posts) -

God damn it. Do not put Shepard in this game... Sign off forever, please.

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#26 Posted by Capum15 (5694 posts) -

Never played as lady Shep so this didn't really do anything for me. Just tell us what this is already!

Is it just another Mass Effect? Is it No Man's Sky? Firewatch?

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Why is everyone assuming this is femshep speaking? The immediate reaction my friends and I had was that this was either Shepherd's daughter, a relative, or someone who assumed his name. Shepherd is a last name. "Commander Shepherd" could technically be anyone. I understand the voice actor thing, but they'd have to be stupid to alienate anyone who played male Shepherd. Especially since a lot of the media for the previous games featured male Shepherd. I highly doubt they'd switch to female shep without reason here.

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@mentaldisruption said:

Why is everyone assuming this is femshep speaking? The immediate reaction my friends and I had was that this was either Shepherd's daughter, a relative, or someone who assumed his name. Shepherd is a last name. "Commander Shepherd" could technically be anyone. I understand the voice actor thing, but they'd have to be stupid to alienate anyone who played male Shepherd. Especially since a lot of the media for the previous games featured male Shepherd. I highly doubt they'd switch to female shep without reason here.

I think "Commander Shepard signing off" makes it quite obvious it's the same Shepard talking. The whole point of that video seems to be the old main character handing things off to the new one. It doesn't work if it's anyone else. Besides, getting Jennifer Hale to voice a non-Shepard character in a Mass Effect trailer (in her exact Shepard voice) would be real dumb marketing.

And who cares if it "alienates" male Shepard players? Femshep players put up with it for years, I don't see why male Shepard players can't handle one little video with voice over. More than likely it's simply a matter of Jennifer Hale being more readily available to do this than Mark Meer. Shepard won't be in this game, so they don't have to care as much about who they use for marketing purposes. The majority of the fanbase probably won't even see this, as it's not really an official trailer for the game that shows anything meaningful.

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#29 Posted by BladedEdge (729 posts) -

So assume some small level of spoilers for the ME series..

Ok, given the almost complete lack of stuff concerning this game coming out (cause duh its not out in 2 days like some games) people are gonna read a lot into things.

This to me sounded like a nice little teaser, nothing more. Lets go through it step by step.

1-No gameplay, major plot reveals or other elements. No, its just some space footage, the name of the game.

2-A basic theme of exploration, of something new. What we do see is trying to evoke a sense of going new places, seeing new things. There is that "We must do this for the alternative is bad" bit but otherwise, very simple.

3-They went with the female Shepard.

4-Shepard very clearly says "Signing off". I.e., not only are we exploring new things, but Shepard's story is over.

Ok so taking all of that I get some of the following. No, they are not gonna have Shepard in any major way in this game. But good lord if you think there isn't going to be say a audio log, or a recorded speech or etc with Shepard in it as a call back to the previous games? Your mad. That is even canon in the series, they are archiving the history of that universe, in case the Reapers win, Shepard playing a big part in that. Assuming this takes place in an ending where your Shepard was victorious, all that recorded stuff will be a big part of history, be it fondly remembered and well documented, or super super far in the past 'did it ever happen?" mythology.

As for them taking the femshep voice? Like of course they did. That was widely widely considered to be the best performance. I didn't ever use it in my play through either but so what? This is a teaser for the rabid hard-core fan base, why would they not go with the choice said community has made very clear they consider the vastly superior one?

Heck the theory floated above could be true, or could not it wouldn't matter. Maybe "Commander Shepard" became the title for the unified commander of the new federation of species after the reaper threat was ended. Or maybe the canon ending is where you shoot that stupid A.I. in the head like it damn well should have been and "Shepard" is just a wildly popular name given the mythology of the character. Hell, for all we know the Canon ending is that Shepard died, but had a kid that too, is completely canon at least in several peoples games. Maybe they cloned shepard, maybe there is a proud tradition of getting your voice bio/mechanically modified to sound like the heroic leader in all those old holo-vids from 2000 years ago..maybe it was a fad for a time among female staff officers to get voice-mods so that they could get ahead like femshep did, maybe its an advanced A.I. that was given the voice of the Savior of the universe because, you know, you'd do that. Maybe said A.I. plays some role or maybe its Shepards final form ala reaper god or..

Or maybe its none of the above? Like I started with. The trailer was just a teaser. You can't possible read anything significant into it without going off into wild speculation/fan theory. As anything you think they mean, they could change their mind about in a month and then re-write the final game to fit their new choice, not the old one.

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#30 Edited by CageySquid (93 posts) -

I think (or hope), and I've seen it elsewhere, that the ship to Andromeda is like a Noah's Ark type of situation that was launched in case the Reapers won, so Shepard could've given them a parting message before the end of ME3. Also, FemShep for life.

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#31 Posted by IVDAMKE (1416 posts) -

@lazyekans: People jokingly saying their canon shep is a dude is hardly sexist.

As for what we know about Andromeda I just really hope they learned from the mistakes made in DA:I when it came to expanding levels. I also hope the main story isn't about the galaxy ending.

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#32 Edited by poobumbutt (681 posts) -

@lazyekans: While I don't think that thinking which gender your Shep is is sexist, I am glad that the Shep gender with actually good voice acting has officially been totally 100% confirmed by Bioware as canon. Makes you wonder why they'd even bother giving you the option if Jennifer's Shep would just be confirmed as canon in some 30 second commercial after a decade.

I'm half joking, guys. I know it's not canon. But let's be real: Mark Meer might as well be Microsoft Sam.

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#33 Edited by ThunderSlash (2588 posts) -

@poobumbutt: Mark Meer is a pretty talented dude. He voices at least 2 other alien races in Mass Effect. The Vorcha and Hanar I believe. But yeah his Shepard voice is pretty wooden, which I am 70% sure is intentional. As sure as I am that Jennifer Hale made Shepard sound like she is real angry for most of the trilogy (Great for Renegade playthroughs). For the record, the voice does fit the Swedish male model face they used for default Shepard.

Both are miles better than the guy who voiced the main character of Alpha Protocol though!

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#34 Posted by Nictel (2695 posts) -

Good to see real Sheppard in this trailer. I never understood why they used a stand-in for those other trailers.

I do hope they have put the Normandy in the launch bay of that ship.

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#35 Edited by andrew2696 (600 posts) -

Man people arguing about the one true Shep sure bums me out. Not just "I think FemShep is way better than" comments I'm talking about just "FemShep is the ONLY Shep." Sure my Shepard was male but boy does it feel like most of the comments are just "you're sure a dumbass for picking that Shepard. You played it wrong." tone.

I mean the whole point is that there's two! And that's it's your choice! Also I think motivational speeches about traveling the stars is awesome so especially bumming me out no one talks about that.

And I think it's clear that Shepard isn't returning. It's supposed to be closure. And BioWare seems to have said multiple times that Shepard's story is over.

Oh and there's a dog tag in the trailer that says Ryder apparently. People are taking this as a hint to the new character's name. Which would be hilarious and a dumb name. Not a deal breaker or anything though.

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will the new pc just be a redressed shepard though?

in a cast full of individualized characters we're all expected to play as the generalized savior/not savior, it's the major flaw in bioware's formula for me, would be nice if we could carve more individual paths ourselves this time.

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