Have the reviews changed your mind on buying ME:A?

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Edited 4 months, 26 days ago

Poll: Have the reviews changed your mind on buying ME:A? (765 votes)

Yep! 44%
Nope! 56%

The embargo is over and the results are...a bit mixed. Has that influenced you in any way? Are you now hoping that they can iron out some of the bugs before you pick it up? Have you downgraded from a must buy to a no way? Still along for the Ryde....r? (sorry) (not sorry)

And if the reviews have actually changed your mind from a no sale to a buy, I'd really like to know what you read that influenced you in that direction.

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#51 Posted by DisquisedJustin (68 posts) -

I'll likely still play it at some point, but I'm in no rush. This may seem kinda harsh, but as much as I LOVE Mass Effect (even 3, and the series as a whole was easily my favorite franchise of the last generation along with Uncharted), with how many awesome game's that have come out over the last few months and how so many of them I'm behind on, I'm a little relived that we finally have a AAA game that I don't need to rush out and play immediately, though it does bum me out that it had to be with one of my favorite franchises. Honestly, if nothing else, seeing all the footage and the reviews has made me just want to go back and replay the original trilogy again because it's been enough time since I've played all three of them and there's still plenty of fresh ways for me to experience them by doing choices I didn't make before. I'll likely wait until there's a sale for Andromeda or the price goes down plus wait 'till they patch it, there's too many awesome games right now for me to run out and buy a alright, if not mediocre at best game, especially when I still don't have a Switch with Breath of the Wild yet and haven't even finished Witcher 3, just not what I need right now.

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#52 Posted by Milkman (18984 posts) -

Yes. I don't have as much time for games as I used to as it is and there's lot of other games out right now and in the near future (looking at you Persona 5) to occupy my time. I love Mass Effect (1 & 2 anyway) but I don't need to waste my time with a buggy, mediocre side story.

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#53 Posted by Whitestripes09 (807 posts) -

I had it pretty much on my mind that I wasn't going to get this game, but was willing to see what reviewers said. So if anything, they just have further convinced me that this is just not worth the price right now, especially since there are other games coming out soon.

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#54 Posted by Magris (92 posts) -

Yea because I was deciding on whether to drop 50 bucks on either Nier, Horizon or ME:A. After reading the reviews, I decided to purchase Nier as that'll last me long enough until ME:A drops like $20-$25 on pc within a month or two.

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#55 Posted by WhatsHisFace (584 posts) -

Nope. It was always my intention to buy it. I have to play it for myself. To urge is too strong in me, even though I acknowledge all of the flaws of this game.

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#56 Posted by RK92 (21 posts) -

I was going to buy it, but the writing just seems way too terrible.

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#57 Posted by viking_funeral (2699 posts) -

Nah. Even if it's not great, I need to play it myself. I've enjoyed a lot of mediocre games over the years.

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#58 Posted by FrostyRyan (2364 posts) -

I had already decided to wait on it considering Zelda, Horizon, and P5 exist.

The reviews only made that decision easier.

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#59 Posted by dgtlty (752 posts) -

On day one? Absolutely.

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#60 Posted by mavs (292 posts) -

The first GB stream made it look like a must-avoid, but the reviews mostly say there's something in the later parts. Now I have to know.

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#61 Posted by Demyx (3250 posts) -

Idk if this is unreasonable, but getting shafted on m/m romances is what really changed my mind about this game and got me to refund it on origin. However apparently im getting it through gamefly this week so I guess I'll still play it without spending 60 bucks.

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#63 Posted by Teddie (1733 posts) -

I stopped caring about this game a long time ago. I was super excited when the game was announced with all the "new galaxy" stuff, but it's just the exact same aliens and architecture and tech. Even having a fake Citidel, that has super weak ingame lore to try and justify why there is a fake Citadel. Couldn't help comparing everything to the previous trilogy, and everything I saw pre-release leading up to reviews looked middling at best.

So, no, the reviews didn't change my mind, but they rarely do anyway.

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#64 Edited by WynnDuffy (1289 posts) -
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#65 Posted by JohnyMyko (1288 posts) -

Nope. The reviews confirmed the feeling I had that this game is a mess. It's a shame, I went from wanting to get it day one when it was announced to just waiting to play it once it gets really cheap. And only because it's Mass Effect, because from what I've seen I probably would never play it if it was something else on it's state.

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#66 Posted by isomeri (2894 posts) -

Nope. Like a lot of people here, I was always going to buy and play this. The Mass Effect lore is interesting enough for me that I want to see and play this game. Everything that seems to be wrong with the game is stuff that Bioware and EA will be extremely incentivised to fix for the sequel, and I don't want to play that sequel without having finished Andromeda.

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#67 Posted by Indii (4 posts) -

Nope. What actually changed my mind was playing the trial. I've never really played a Mass Effect game before, because I wasn't interested at the time they came out and when I tried the first game a couple of years ago, I just couldn't do it. It really felt like it didn't age well.

But I loved the five hours I played of ME:A so far. Yes, I can see the objective faults the game has (mostly the animation, weirdly disconnected start to the story and a few bugs), but I thought Eos looked fascinating and cool to explore, some of the writing made me laugh, the story so far has me at least intrigued, and I just enjoy the gameplay.

At the same time, I think that most reviews I've read describe their criticism of the game quite fairly and don't exaggerate everything like so many comments below those reviews do. I guess as a person who has no previous connection to Mass Effect, some of the criticized elements of the game just don't bother me.

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#68 Edited by SpaceInsomniac (6229 posts) -

@wynnduffy said:

I changed my mind guys, Polygon's thought provoking article made me want to see more aliens banging.

That website...

Maybe you should stop directly linking to their articles and giving them more attention if you don't like their website.

Congrats on 1000 posts, though.

@indii said:

Nope. What actually changed my mind was playing the trial. I've never really played a Mass Effect game before, because I wasn't interested at the time they came out and when I tried the first game a couple of years ago, I just couldn't do it. It really felt like it didn't age well.

But I loved the five hours I played of ME:A so far. Yes, I can see the objective faults the game has (mostly the animation, weirdly disconnected start to the story and a few bugs), but I thought Eos looked fascinating and cool to explore, some of the writing made me laugh, the story so far has me at least intrigued, and I just enjoy the gameplay.

At the same time, I think that most reviews I've read describe their criticism of the game quite fairly and don't exaggerate everything like so many comments below those reviews do. I guess as a person who has no previous connection to Mass Effect, some of the criticized elements of the game just don't bother me.

I didn't play the trial, but I just have to see it for myself. A long time ago, I was once invited to an office Christmas party, and someone asked me if I planed to go. My response was if it turned out to be a good party, I wouldn't want to miss it. Also, if it turned out to be a trainwreck, I wouldn't want to miss that either. That's pretty much how I feel about Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Again, I just have to see it for myself. And if this is your first Mass Effect game, be sure to try the muliplayer. I lost over 100 hours to ME3 multiplayer. It's still the best co-op vs waves of AI "horde mode" type shooter I've ever played.

Lastly, welcome to the forum.

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#69 Posted by soulcake (1267 posts) -

I knew this game was going to bad witch made me even want to play the game more. I am getting a weird B type movie vibe off this game. So i am sold in a weird way.

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#70 Posted by OtakuGamer (1625 posts) -

I wasn't going to buy it before the reviews. The footage was enough.

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#71 Edited by NietzscheCookie (74 posts) -

I switched from a 'buy after I'm done with Zelda on Wii U' to sometime in 2017 when its on sale at a low enough price.

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#72 Posted by charlie_victor_bravo (1633 posts) -

Yes. If you count commentated game play videos as reviews. These combined with how previous Mass Effects (especially 3) wereare a mess when it comes to the DLC, makes it easy to pass to the "maybe later bin".

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#73 Posted by LostOddity (76 posts) -

Its a mass effect game it cant be that bad right . . . right . . .?

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#74 Edited by sirdesmond (1419 posts) -

Reviews and videos made me move from "this is going to be an immediate play" to "maybe I'll play that sometime down the line." The series peaked at ME2 for me so I'm already used to being disappointed by ME.

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#75 Posted by Rebel_Scum (1293 posts) -

No, I was never gonna buy it day one or in 2017 at all tbh

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#76 Posted by MagusMaleficus (1185 posts) -

Nope, I'm an admitted Mass Effect nut--hell, I loved ME3, ending and all--so some goofy faces won't stop me. Even took the day off from work to play my ass off.

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#77 Edited by dagas (3546 posts) -

There was never any doubt I would get the game. I love Mass Effect and even a mediocre Mass Effect game sounds more appealing than 90% of games. And I am hoping the reviewers are just overly critical because of the many small problems. I can handle some issues if the game is good like Alpha Protocol which was broken as hell but still enjoyed it at least the first time. Even if it is just Dragon Age Inquisition in space the combat in ME is in itself fun and much more enjoyable than in DA so I think I won't get as bored doing side quests as in DAI.

I bet the story is still better than the vast majority of games. I've not played the new Zelda myself but I doubt the story is great. They are not known for their story. And from what I've heard the gameplay is mostly exploring and crafting and such which is what MEA seems to be about so how is that so much better? Just from watching and reading reviews I can most certainly say I would enjoy MEA more than Zelda. I've not enjoyed Zelda since I was a kid and played it on NES and SNES and since I found real RPGs like FF7 I never looked back. I know what kind of games I like. For example I'll take the janky Vampire The Masquerade over any 10/10 Mario, Zelda or Gears of War.

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#78 Posted by jonny500 (11 posts) -

Yeah, I agree with what some people have said here about the Rock Paper Shotgun review being particularly effective as buyer advice. The writer of that piece seemed to get what made me love the original Mass Effect games, so their opinion that this one doesn't have it has put me off, at least until some point next year when it gets real cheap (hopefully). It was actually one of the very few games I might have considered paying full price for if there weren't such tepid responses to the story/lore/characters/philosophy. I think there's probably still fun in there for me as I quite like running around Assassin's Creed sandboxes and just kinda relaxing in open world busywork, but not for £50.

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#79 Posted by Maxszy (2174 posts) -

Definitely still buying it. I'll pay full price too.

The only thing its really done is give me more time to finish Horizon Zero Dawn so I am not rushing to get this day one.

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#80 Posted by Bill_McNeal (645 posts) -

I kind of wish this poll had a few more options, but whatever.

In any case, no, it didn't change my mind. I was going to buy it regardless of what the reviews said (don't usually read or care what they say anyway). I've enjoyed ALL of the Mass Effect games so far and have a feeling I'm going to like this one as well.

I bought it digitally already, but will have to wait until I get a better TV in a few months (old one died and am using a spare that isn't as good).

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#81 Posted by johncallahan (868 posts) -

Yup. I was all in on Mass Effect about a month ago. Now I'm going to use my time and money on Nier and Persona... I mean I was going to anyway, but now NOT also having to do that for Mass Effect will be a bit of a relief.

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#82 Posted by gunflame88 (265 posts) -

The reviews have largely confirmed my doubts and I really don't care to spend my time on another mediocre open-world game with no substance. Oh well, Bioware is not what it used to be and hasn't been for a long time, so I feel absolutely fine about passing on this.

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#83 Posted by Par1val (83 posts) -

Reviews were just the cherry on top. Based on footage and the trial. I'm not grabbing it right away. I bought nier:automata instead. I'm still going to buy it, just later.

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#84 Edited by TobywanGaming (1 posts) -

I thought it would be better visually, from what Ive seen it doesnt look as good as 3 and the human character models are a bit frightening. Was considering buying but not now :(.

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#85 Posted by ATastySlurpee (340 posts) -

Yes, as in I'm still buying it, but just not right away.

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#86 Posted by chekhonte (88 posts) -

Nope! The game has looked bad since they first showed it.

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#87 Posted by polaracorn (22 posts) -

It did change my mind to pass it up for now I told myself. However because I have no self control I started the DL when I woke up and will start it after I finish NieR.

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#88 Posted by mustachioeugene (587 posts) -

Reviews haven't changed my mind, I always planned on waiting to pick it up a few months post-release. There were some red flags early on for me, (pre-early access/stream flags) like the cancelled MP beta, reports of weaker writing, etc. I've been wanting to replay the original trilogy for a while now, maybe I'll just do that instead to get my biotics fix.

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#89 Posted by Lv4Monk (462 posts) -

I've fallen off the series hard since my pretty heavy love of ME1. A supposedly "decent one of those" isn't enough for me right now. That and I'm poor enough that recent better games remain untouched.

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#90 Posted by sonofa2 (13 posts) -

Nope, was going to buy it anyway, as long as it wasn't horrible. I missed playing the original trilogy, and I always regretted it (I would play it on PC now, if Origin let me buy all the DLC for not crazy amounts and I found the time). I'm looking forward to a good Space Opera, even if it's not great.

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#91 Posted by SeanFoster (964 posts) -

They've changed my opinion from buying it day one to waiting for a substantial price drop. Probably play it very casually over the summer.

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#92 Posted by stryker1121 (2119 posts) -

I was set to buy ME:A after finishing Horizon in a couple of weeks, but I'm going to wait for a few patches to at least smooth out the bugs, if not the story, writing, facial animations, etc. I would buy the game bugs and all if not for those latter issues - now I'll probably just pick up Nier instead.

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#93 Posted by Undeadpool (6150 posts) -

Ever since their weird rollout (silence, silence, silence, non-gameplay trailer, silence, silence, trailer, silence silence, etc.) I've been taking a "wait-and-see" approach. Frankly, I'm still playing Yakuza 0, I still haven't played Horizon, and Persona 5 comes out in 2 weeks. I'm happy to wait.

On the plus side: almost all my friends who are playing the game are definitely in the "stumbles, but worth playing" camp. I think we need to get over something like a 75 being a "bad" score. Yeah, it sucks that a new Mass Effect isn't setting the Earth's atmosphere on fire with how hot it is, but considering how few good sci-fi RPGs are out, I'll take it.

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#94 Posted by Cheetoman (363 posts) -

Was never going to buy it in the first place.

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#95 Edited by Sharpless (496 posts) -

Nope, it arrived today. I've been having fun with the multiplayer, and I'm just starting the campaign. I'm looking forward to it, despite the poor performance and negative hype. I enjoy Mass Effect games, and I'm sure this one will be fine. Will it be great? Bug-free? Probably not. I'm already noticing the weirdness with mouth movement. But I'm on board for now. We'll see how it plays out. It's really the story that will make or break this for me.

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#96 Posted by BladeOfCreation (412 posts) -

Nah, I preordered it, like I've done for every BioWare game since DA:O. Even if the games aren't perfect, I have always loved the worlds, stories, and characters in these games.

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#97 Posted by Peebsxsicle (20 posts) -

Yea it did for me. Mass effect is one of my favorite series but I just went through Zelda and currently am playing nier and hoping to beat it by the end of the week. Then I have my spring break week which I planned on playing through mass effect and focusing more on that but I am now gonna focus on Horizon since I still do not have it and have been meaning to play it. I wanted something I could primarily focus on and beat in a week during my spring break because once I get Persona 5 everything else goes on the back burner until that is complete. So yea I was gunna get mass effect but now I am getting horizon after reading reviews and seeing gameplay.

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#98 Posted by NeverGameOver (668 posts) -

I'll buy it as soon as I finish Zelda, which will be v soon.

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#99 Posted by mordukai (8512 posts) -

Nope. The previews all showed signs that they were going the DA:i path and it put me completely off.

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#100 Edited by Colonel_Pockets (1120 posts) -

Yes, this was a day one buy for me and now I will wait for it to be on sale over the summer.

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