Lead writer of next Mass Effect was lead writer on Halo 4

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And that's basically it. There's no other writing credit I could find. Here's his IMDb page

The news is from a blog post on Bioware's site introducing the new leads for the next mass effect game.

Bioware has always had among the best characters in video games. Say what you will about Dragon age 2 and Mass Effect 3 but there was incredible character work in there. Halo 4's story and characters, on the other hand, were a terrible jumbled mess of trash. That game made me hate/not care about every single one of its characters, even the ones I did like in past Halo games.

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I liked Halo 4's story :(

But I'm also a huge Halo nerd, and that games story was certainly not for everyone, but pretty much only those who know more than what has been told in the games.

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Really? I can't remember Dragon Age 2, but, at the time, I thought Mass Effect 3 had some of the worst writing I've seen in a Bioware game. I wish Drew Karpyshyn would return to Bioware. I thought the first two Mass Effect games (well, more like the first one) had the best writing and storyline in the series.

Also, you can never tell, maybe at Bioware, the new lead writer would do good.

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@militantfreudian: Mass effect 3 had some of the best character moments in the franchise. Shooting the shit with garrus in the citadel. Vega and garrus trying to one up each other. Drunk tali. Javik was also great all the way through and that Citadel DLC is jam packed with awesome character interactions for every single one of the crew members. The list goes on and on.

I also maintain that Varric is the best character in Dragon Age. Avalyn was pretty great too.

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Halo 4's overarching plotline regarding the forerunners and Dennis Dyack may have been hard to follow, but I think it had the best character interaction in the series by far.

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