Mass Effect: Andromeda is to be open world.

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#51 Posted by Rahf (337 posts) -

@zevvion: See, this is pertinent news. It should allay some fears that people have-- me among them.

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@zevvion said:
@maxszy said:

I've been playing ME3 since the trailer came out. I wanted to get refreshed. ME3 is much more linear than they are talking about I am sure, but even then its still somewhat open world. I still have a galaxy map that I can choose what order I do a lot of missions in. I'm not on an actual linear path. Yes the main objects have to be done on a linear path but everything else, not so much necessarily. Its not a sandbox open world game for sure but it certainly is not "that linear", I don't think anyway.

That being said, ME2 was my favorite and I think it blended it together better with the way you had to go recruit your crew and so forth. I am hoping, they look to that for inspiration.

They said ME3 was a large open world universe when that game was in development. Same with 2, same with 1. This is the same. People are taking it to mean something other than what it actually does. It will be a Mass Effect game.

Also, 3 is the best.

Yes and no. Based on all the information thus far, there's definitely the implication that there will be a number of planets with very large environments, each having a significant amount of content. They're revisiting the Mass Effect 1 idea of Uncharted Worlds, but doing it in such a way as there will be fewer total planets to visit, but each will be more unique, detailed, and larger than the ones in ME1.

2 and 3 didn't really have anything like that. What side content there was in those games was on small linear environments. There was no concept of exploration within an environment in those games, and that's definitely something they've made clear is a big point of emphasis in Andromeda.

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The planets will be open world? Otherwise all the mass effects were "open world", in the sense you could go anywhere at any time in the universe. The planets were all level based though.

Which Mass Effects were you playing exactly? You couldn't do this in ME3 at all. The only "open world" part of that game was the citadel.

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#54 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (6219 posts) -

I thought a good amount of Mass Effect 2 felt fine, I think if I had any complaint it was the the Citadel and Omega , teh places you were likely to visit repeatedly were too small. I would have been extremely happy if Citadel and Omega were 3x larger.

I have not played ME 3, so maybe they did do something like that already. I was hoping there would be a Mass Effect Trilogy for PS4...hell, at this point PS4 Pro.

With that said THAT is what I think needed expansions, the ports of call that you were expected or likely to visit repeatedly.

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ME:1 was open world, you would drive around planets and visit the same storage facility on each.. My point being, I'm would be quite happy for them to do more discrete locations like the say The Witcher 3, and similarly, concentrate on what both games do best, characterisation and world building.


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