Questions for Mass Effect 4 (ME3 spoilers)

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Okay, I love Mass effect so much I give it 100%. I am happy they are creating Mass Effect 4 but some rumors say Garrus might or might not be in ME 4.They got me to ask questions like Why couldn't Garrus be in ME 4 ? On YouTube some players got a happy ending where both characters female Shepherd and Garrus both live in ME 3 so wouldn't the female Shepherd and Garrus might still live or have a kids to be in Mass Effect 4 ?

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No one knows anything about the game yet because it isn't coming out for at least a year?

Also, I edited your thread title to let people know about the Mass Effect 3 spoilers you saw fit to drop in your post with no warning. Please don't do that, use the spoiler tags where appropriate or don't post any spoilers at all. Thanks.

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@mike: I apologize for not putting up the warning for others to know but I just create this account yesterday like Can you blame me for not knowing?

But I would keep it in mind next time I will try to put up warning for others. I indeed know that ME 4 isn't coming out for at least a year but like I say before it just a rumors and I just want some answers base on my experience on the game .

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I was under the impression that Mass Effect 4 would be a departure for the series, taking place in a far corner of the galaxy, or at the very least, during a different time period.

If that isn't the case, then consider my interest in it now as were it gray matter adorning a wall in the kind of way Dexter would philosophize about.

From the sounds of things, Garrus should only show up if he in-fact reveals himself to be a time-travelling ex-cop.. I really hope he's a time-travelling ex-cop.

@jazzstar21 Don't worry about the spoiler tags this once, everyone's got to start somewhere and it ain't the newest of games neither. But for next time, I'd recommend you check out the community forum rules when you have a moment. Here's a helpful link.

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It would be a mistake to have any previous characters in this game as it could render some peoples playthrough retconned which would kill the impact of the original games. I had issue with 3 for doing this in some smaller instances

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so wouldn't the female Shepherd and Garrus might still live or have a kids to be in Mass Effect 4 ?

I... don't think humans can mate with space crickets?!

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From what I figure, based off the teaser trailer that came out last month (?) your ME4 character probably leaves the Milky Way Galaxy before the events of ME3. I'm only basing this off of the "farewell" speech from Shepard that was in that trailer. So given the timing and that it's probably a different galaxy, I wouldn't expect any returning characters. But I'm find with that. Each Mass Effect game introduced interesting characters, and fleshed out the returning ones, so I'm excited to see who they'd introduce in Andromeda.

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I would prefer it, since your ME4 character is probably that, if the whole cast of characters were new. I love the universe but I'm sure the game would benefit from a clean slate to build off of.

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@pezen: I'm excited for the new stuff but I'm a little sad that all the history of the first series and the choices (genophage, rachi queen, CONRAD VERNER) will probably be irrelevant in a different galaxy.

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@bocckob: Anything is possible expect the unexpected .

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My hobby theory was that it would be randomized and focused on exploration more than a story driven game. E3 last year it seemed like they had done almost nothing and were asking what fans wanted to see, and this year they came out with a 2016 date. That seems like a really short time to make a story driven game like Mass Effect.

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