Three Weeks From Launch, How Hyped Are You?

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Poll: Three Weeks From Launch, How Hyped Are You? (707 votes)

I think it looks absolutely outstanding and can't wait to get my hands on it ASAP! 15%
I think it looks pretty great and will probably get it soon after launch. My gripes, if any, are minor. 20%
I've been up and down, but overall it seems kinda average, not amazing or terrible. 30%
More worried than excited; the marketing has turned me off, highlighting some real flaws. 20%
What's wrong with her face??? (the game looks pretty dire/bad/terrible) 15%

Pick whatever's closest to how you feel, on a descending scale of maximum to minimum hype. If the wording bugs you, just treat it as a numbered scale (5 to 1 heading down).

There's been a bit of division in the run up to ME:A's launch, with some people predicting doom, others shaking off all criticism as minor nitpicks, and others landing somewhere in the middle. Where are you at? What have you seen that's made you really excited/really bummed out? Are you getting this day one, or waiting for reviews, or not touching it at all? How did you feel about ME3/DA:I and has that influenced you in any way? Inquiring minds want to know!

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#152 Edited by SpaceInsomniac (5947 posts) -

What have you seen that's made you really excited


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I'm pretty hyped now. I see all these posts freaking out over the facial animations of a handful of characters, and I'm happy that single player isn't at all the main reason that I'm looking forward to this game. I'm still looking forward to the campaign, though. I remember people freaking out about Horizon's animation and writing before release, which turned out to be nothing but a video that put a focus on one of the game's weaker side quests.

I think I'm really going to like this game.

[edit] You might want to note that the you tuber in the video above was playing with a BioWare developer, though. Naturally, that's going to lead to a much less critical video, but I also watched TotalBiscuit streaming it earlier today, and he was also quite positive about the game. Here's a twit-longer post from today:

Enjoyed the Mass Effect multiplayer stream. For the most part the same as ME3s but the jumpjet/airdash reduces reliance on cover. The increase in mobility across the board lead to more enjoyable gameplay in my view and progression is well paced so far. Definitely a case of, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, but ME3 had one of the better horde modes and it's looking like Andromeda will be no different in that respect. It now has daily missions with special rewards and a set of unique screwy mutators, kind of like the hazard maps but with far more effects. If they continue to support it well with updates and free DLC as they did with ME3 it'll have solid longevity.

He did go on to say the PC version needs a voice over IP volume slider, though.

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#153 Posted by mems1224 (1616 posts) -

A lot more hyped for it after the trial. I had a lot of fun with it

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#154 Posted by Efesell (2343 posts) -

I was getting a little worried but I think I'm back on board after having played it. Animations have not been so bad on custom characters and it's just not something I've been dwelling on.

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@spaceinsomniac: it's been so weird seeing some people say "yo I had a blast playing it!" and then I ask some questions and they remark how they didn't even touch the single player. It's really surprising to see this flip in interest to multiplayer. I had fun with it in ME3 but never realized that it got so popular to the point where people were coming to the series solely for it.

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Man. Maaaaaan. Loved the Sheppard MEs. But with the footage coming out of this preview and Manveer Heirs white people comments have got me running away from this thing with a fury.

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#157 Edited by Zaccheus (1981 posts) -

I played the opening of the campaign yesterday and I'm all in. Really like the setup and the prospect of roaming around uncharted worlds with a truck and a crew shooting and scanning shit is kind of a dream come true. Also my gray-haired-black-lady-Ryder (say that five times fast) is bad ass.

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