Trailers and gameplay videos seem off?

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It might just be me, but does the feel of the game just seem off to anyone else? I can't put my finger on it, but what little of the game they are showing just feels off...

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Yeah I have no idea where your fingers are man.

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There is little to put your fingers on in the first place. From what I've seen it at least looks like Mass Effect, I'll wait for the November 7th reveal to make my real judgement.

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I can only go off what they showed at the PS4 Pro reveal (I have no idea if they've shown anything else of the game), but maybe you're referring to the camera? It seemed pulled back a bit and maybe like your character is at the center of it instead of offset to the side.

I obviously have no idea if that was just for that section of gameplay since that's not much footage to go off of.

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Yeah, there's nothing substantial there, so you're probably just inherently anxious or something. I will say that the bit at the end where your party members appear out of nowhere and sometimes they have helmets on and sometimes not looked very sloppily done, though I assume those are early build problems

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@mikerd: The camera and other presentation elements (like the little brackets highlighting interactive elements) are straight out of Dragon Age Inquisition. This game is being made on the same tech.

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Given the lack of details, I sincerely doubt that it's going to hold to March 2017 release date. I really hope I'm wrong.

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And in case anyone missed it, they're doing the big reveal for this game on Nov. 7th.

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That gameplay they showed did say "pre-alpha" so I would put very little stock into what we saw there.

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@mikerd: The camera and other presentation elements (like the little brackets highlighting interactive elements) are straight out of Dragon Age Inquisition. This game is being made on the same tech.

I think that's all it is. Looks off because it's the first Mass Effect we've seen on Frostbite number whatever.

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@theht: Yeah you might be right.

I haven't expected it to look just like the past games in these areas and I'm very happy it doesn't, especially since they got more and more cramped in environments and that kind of thing in 2 and 3. They've been talking up scale and exploration.

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With the coloured lighting and dark cave setting shown in the demo I thought I was watching Destiny than Mass Effect. So keen to see more footage of the game, it's been too long already.

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I mean, the area they showed was really dull, and also they had fuck-all gameplay or features or story or characters to show, so yeah, I can't blame you if that trailer didn't knock your socks off. Cool that you can jumpjet around, but absolutely nothing happened in most of the trailers shown at that PlayStation event. I think I might've preferred an updated duck demo; I need to see how good 4K HDR rubber ducks look.

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Seems super weird that tiny bit of barely their gameplay was the first gameplay reveal.

Got some real doubt about this game. Bioware games have been on a downward trajectory since EA brought them. Plus they have been reql quiet for such a long time.

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They absolutely dont seem to be focusing on what makes Mass Effect Mass Effect - worldbuilding, complex interactions between species, and deep lore. Now, if I'm being charitable and optimistic I would say that theyre saving it because they dont want any spoilers getting out there or are waiting to reveal that stuff when it would be opportune for marketing, but from what (admittedly little) footage we've seen and concept we've heard, it seems like this game will be less focused on galactic civilizations and more focused on space exploration. Not that physical exploration is a bad thing - but if that causes Andromeda to refuse to capitalize on creating an entirely new set of species and empires that interact and intersect with eachother in interesting ways, I'm going to be incredibly disappointed, because it was that almost political feel of Mass Effect that really made me buy into that setting.

Then again, this is all speculation - I could be (and really hope I am) wrong.

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It feels like EA is gun-shy with marketing this game....that’s what has me worried. I’d say this type of game doesn’t demo well in short clips, but then I’d be ignoring that incredible Mass Effect 2 demo from E3 2009 where Shepard shoves that guy out the window. Man, that short moment got me so excited! And it was such a small moment, but it perfectly captured the best parts of a 20+ hours Mass Effect adventure. So yeah, nothing from the scraps of footage shown for this have done anything to get me excited for another Mass Effect.

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I think you guys are reading way too much into marketing on this one. A lot of conclusions are being drawn when the real not fun answer is we don't know much. They haven't showed much and then this last footage was shown for reasons we can't fully judge, especially on a stream that couldn't display HDR or 4K. There was a lot of lighting that may have been chosen to show off HDR. I bet stuff like this looked awesome in person there:

No Caption Provided

I hope they spend time working on this game instead of spending time marketing it. Come 11/7 we can say a lot more.

I hope games market themselves later in the process so I'm not going to kill a game if it does so. And I just don't get jumping to the conclusion that they have changed everything about ME.

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#18 Posted by Slag (7349 posts) -
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Eh, that trailer was mainly just a video card style demo reel to show off the PS4 stuff.

Though I'm with ya dude. The more I think about this game the more nervous I get. I really want it to be great but it has so many burdens placed on it.

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I'm purely speculating here, but they mention some vaults, which makes me think this game will have the main story focus (at least partially) on searching for some alien MacGuffin in those. Kinda boring and tired set up if you ask me. Also, way to use one of the most cliched sci-fi lines about the readings going off the charts. I'm probably judging this tiny slice of the game too harshly, but then again, this is the the very first tiny slice they chose to show off, so... who knows.

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The more I see of this game the less excited I get.

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I haven't been disappointed by a Mass Effect game yet. I'm keeping my hype in check, but I'm so ready to dive back into that universe, and they've shown nothing to dissuade me.

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Honestly if I was a game dev, I would show only screenshots until the game is released.

Maybe they could temper the hype and anti-hype.

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@snowypliskin: I'd be ok with that... It's just that what they have shown seems off. Much like what has been said above. The focus seems off. I hope I'm wrong but after dragon age 3... I've got my doubts about them pulling off a new Mass Effect, especially one not directly connected to the previous games. maybe the N7 announcements will change my mind.

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So if you listened to the Beastcast this week Vinny pointed out the exact scene I referenced above with the screen and all the lighting in the Mass Effect demo and said it all showed off the HDR incredibly well. The colored lighting popped off the screen in a way non-HDR does not. So that is why they showed that section. The sky isn't falling.

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