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    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Game » consists of 20 releases. Released Mar 21, 2017

    Set in a galaxy far from the Milky Way, Mass Effect: Andromeda puts players in the role of a Pathfinder tasked with exploring new habitable worlds and investigating mysterious technology.

    guip1408's Mass Effect: Andromeda (PC) review

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    The disappointment of the generation?

    Mass Effect Andromeda was full of bugs when it came out, with some horrible face expressions and lighting display. But then they patched it alot, how it's now? Well, it's still bad. At least compared to the rest of the series and some other triple A games from the same year.

    The game has a really weird start that didn't grabbed me one bit. It keeps making you guess for whats going on, with a few moments that felt rushed, but at the same time it takes a really long time to pick up, on the gameplay department specially. The game scenarios and enemies look great, as well as your abilities and armor. But the story just felt so empty and like it tried too hard to have a big impactful meaning.

    I hated the run back and forth on the ships to just progress when you need to, plus, I felt the side missions very very tedious. The UI is also not great, the quest division, the amount of stuff showing up when you're seeing your character screen. I didn't like the character you control, it almost never felt like I had a dialogue option that I wanted him to say, it always had a personality that I didn't enjoy.

    The world exploration goes back to using the vehicle, like on the first game from the series, and I just hate that. I don't feel like the series uses well its "open-worldness". I saw alot of people saying that at least the gameplay felt the best it ever did, and even with that I can't agree. I didn't like running around, but I think most of it wasn't because of the mechanical part, but for the amount of running you have to do. The shooting is fine, nothing great.

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