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    Mass Effect: Infiltrator

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 06, 2012

    Go rogue against the human supremacist organization Cerberus in this third-person Mass Effect spin-off for iOS and Android devices. Progress made in the campaign can improve the overall mission for players of Mass Effect 3.

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    Mass Effect: Infiltrator is the second cross platform promotional game made by Iron Monkey Studios, the first being Dead Space. Telling the story of Randall Ezno, a Cerberus operative who rebels from his employer when he learns what they are really up to, Mass Effect: Infiltrator features a tie-in to Mass Effect 3 by delivering intel that drops from enemies that will improve the galactic readiness meter. There are Paragon/Renegade choices in the game, as well as a truncated version of the upgrade trees from the console versions. Infiltrator released on both the iPhone and iPad in March for $6.99. The Android version was released later in May, also for $6.99.


    Gameplay consists of combat, a rating system, a morality system, and an upgrade system which is implemented in the form on an in-game store.


    Combat tries to emulate the third-person shooter style found in the other Mass Effect games. The controls are two touch "joysticks" that allow the player to move like in any other third-person shooter. When enemies are present and in range blue brackets appear around them and tapping that enemies will cause Enzo to begin firing at them, while the player hones in on more vulnerable body parts. There are four weapons - an assault rifle, shotgun, sniper, and beam rifle. Additionally, four biotics power also help make combat easier, as well as more interesting - lift, leash, storm, and salvo. Of course enemies fire back and death puts the player back at the last checkpoint. In order to achieve maximum style rating players must use a variety of different methods to dispatch enemies and using the same weapon to kill consecutive enemies actually decreases style points.

    Rating System

    At the end of each combat scenario, a rating is given which determines how many credits Randall receives. Three different ratings - health, style, and time - feed into the overall rating. Each subcategory is rated out of three stars and players are then given either a rookie, soldier, or veteran rating for the checkpoint as a whole. You receive substantially more credits for higher ratings.


    As is typical with the Mass Effect series, Infiltrator includes a morality system, although it is far less robust than in any other game, even the prior iOS game, Mass Effect Galaxy. While moving through the Cerberus base players will encounter Cerberus scientists which can be executed (Renegade), or set free (Paragon). A final morality choice is also given. If these aspects play into player progression or story it is not clear how.

    Upgrade Store

    Every aspect of Randall's loadout can be upgraded. Spending credits earned from the rating system can upgrade and purchase new weapons, biotic abilities, melee attacks, armor, etc. Most items have a four tier upgrade with costs escalating from the initial 500 credit purchase to 5000 credits. Upgrades can make the game significantly easier and more enjoyable, so grinding checkpoints for more credits can be very worthwhile. If the player doesn't want to use their intel for Galactic Readiness, they can also cash them in for a very small amount of credits. The in-game store also includes the ability to purchase more credits with real money, or buy a credit enhancer which double the amount of credits received from that point forward.

    Galaxy at War Tie-in

    Mass Effect: Infiltrator also includes a bonus in that it can help to raise a players Galaxy at War rating. Galactic Readiness plays into the ending that players receive in Mass Effect 3 and can be improved by either playing the multiplayer, using the Mass Effect Datapad app, or playing this game. Enemies will randomly drop pieces of intel, which can then uploaded into Galaxy at War through the in-game store. Each piece of intel translates into a little more than a 1% increase in a given theater of battle. The game can be replayed and more intel is available each time, so the potential affect is essentially limitless as long as the player is willing to grind it out.


    The Android version of the game includes a free live wallpaper with the game


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