Assault Rifle Accuracy?

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What's up with the Assault Rifle's in this game? On every AR I equip it has an accuracy rating of 1. On Shepard & Ashley I have their Assault trees maxed out, yet the accuracy rating is still showing 1. Doesn't make any sense to me, I thought that rating would increase significantly as I invested points in the Assault category?

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Well, I never played a class that was any good with an AR, I always played a vanguard, but iirc the shooting in the first game kind of sucked. Except for shotguns. So it might just be that.

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you've not played very far in have you? AR accuracy does get better in the later game models. Hell, the eth stuff is sooooo good that even if you don't have AR training you can still use them, I give them to everyone who doesn't have training and tell them to use em and it works great.

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I'm about 5 hours in so far. Just finished saving Liara T'soni and am now on Noveria.

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