Is it worth it making different choices at the end?

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I'm replaying the game for the second time. The first time I played, I made mostly Paragon choices, saved the Rachni, saved the council, and installed Anderson as a member.

I'm trying to do Renegade options this time, but I'm kind of wondering what the point is. I already killed the Rachni, but from what I can tell, killing them just means they don't show up in your game in ME2 at all. I'm also considering killing the council and installing a new one, but I hear that just pisses everyone off in the second game.

Is it really worth it to make these different choices? I'm looking forward to making just general renegade choices throughout both games, but I don't really see the point of just killing everyone. Any input to how your various playthroughs went?

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There are differences, some major ones and a lot of minor differences in the game. The choices you make changes the world around you. It is worth going through again and being a renegade, also, renegade fem shep is the best thing out there.

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I am actually playing a renegade femshep. :)

I guess I'm just kind of a pussy. Hah. I don't want the people to be mad at me. I suppose when I get to the end I should sacrifice the council just to see the differences...

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(I should probably preface all of this with the fact that I haven't finished Mass Effect 2 yet, but... ) I feel like moral choices from the first two games are going to come back in a big way in Mass Effect 3, deciding who allies with Shepard when the final war starts to break out.

I've been playing both games as a Paragon, so I don't actually know what some of the Renegade outcomes are in detail. Off the top of my head, I can't think of Renegade choices that actually improve your chances of taking out the Reapers. Maybe you just become such a hardened badass that you won't even need any other help in taking them on, but having allies like the Rachni can end up changing how battles unfold. It'll be very interesting to see if these earlier moral choices drastically affect events in Mass Effect 3 at all, or if they only casually mention the ultimate outcomes of them ("Shepard! You have unread messages in your private terminal!")

It's probably worth playing as the other side just to see how things would have/could have turned out, but when it comes down to it, I'll be sticking with my Paragon Shepard for Mass Effect 3.

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Yeah, I was thinking about ME3 as well. I should probably change it up, because what's the point of replaying it if I don't try to see any of the differences?

I'm definitely going to go with my Paragon Shep for my first playthrough of ME3. And It'll probably be another year or so before I go through with Rene-shep.

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I played Paragon in the first game, but still let the council die cause they were dicks.   It does change some things in the second game
And yes, I'm guessing it's all kind of leading up to making a big impact in ME3

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