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Solarians live about thirty years.  Asari live about a thousand.  Krogan live about five hundred.  But, with humanity's standing with the Council (at least at the beginning of the first game) how come all the different races are using a measure of time based on the revolution of the earth around its sun? 

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because we are humans and the game is made for us, not them. It's best not to think of these sort of things too much and enjoy the game.

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I guess they're simply translating it into terms Humans can understand?
How do the universal translators in Star Trek seem to work regardless of all circumstances? For that matter, if they're universal, why are there a number of races in Voyager that they won't work for? Just because they're out in the Alpha Quadrant...

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Don't they normally say something like "500 of your earth years" or something along those lines?

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There's info about this in the books written about Mass Effect.  The average standard year of Asari, Salarian, and Turian homeworlds are only about 1.09 times longer than earth years.    so the galactic standard year is 1.09 so it only makes sense to use earth units of measurements of time.

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Thanks, Marz.  Awesome avatar, by the way.  I miss that game and wish they'd redo it with better graphics, but keep the comic book speech bubbles in stead of adding voice actors.

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