Mass Effect 1-3 Remaster for Next Generation (PS 5, Xbox Next)

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Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7612 posts) 5 months, 18 days ago

Poll: Mass Effect 1-3 Remaster for Next Generation (PS 5, Xbox Next) (114 votes)

Yes, I want remakes for the first three games on new hardware even if ist just late on PS4! 54%
Yes, but the remaster would only be interesting on PS 5, Xbox Next, etc 10%
Fine, but only if they don't nickel-dime player with pricey DLC costumes we need to buy....this cannot be like when the industry remade CoD 12%
No, the PS3, 360 remakes were good enough 16%
The results, please. 8%

I thought remasters of Mass Effect Trilogy was going to come again for PS4. It seemed like the obviously move, unless they felt it would take away sales from Andromeda. However now with Andromeda a big black-eye on the series, it seems like maybe it worth a shot for next generation...easy nostalgia money.

But, are there people who want remasters, or do these games require re-makes to modernize controls, loading, etc? Would a remaster of the old content be enough or would the publisher really want to make purchasable DLC to makes the venture profitable enough?

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#1 Posted by Ungodly (449 posts) -

Sure. It’s my favorite series, and I would totally get that. Honestly though, let’s see where things go after Anthem

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#2 Edited by liquiddragon (3460 posts) -

"No, the PS3, 360 remakes were good enough"

What PS3/360 remakes are you talking about?

It doesn't need to be on next gen systems, totally doable on current consoles. I'd only want it if everything is included. The series is good but not that special to me so I will not bite if they try to resell DLC.

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#3 Edited by Humanity (18858 posts) -

Wasn't the remake of Modern Warfare largely succesful and not full price at that? I don't remember what the nickel and diming controversy was involving that. I thought people were happy about it.

As for Mass Effect I dunno I don't really care one way or another. IF they make one then sure I'm not opposed but it's been long enough where I'm mostly happy with my memories of those games, don't feel a huge urge to go back through 'em.

If selling a remaster collection will get them to make another Mass Effect game then I'm all for it though.

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#4 Posted by mellotronrules (2615 posts) -

hmm- i guess it would be nice to have, but i'm more likely to just mod pc versions.

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#5 Edited by csl316 (14979 posts) -

I feel like more people should get a chance to play this game in a better state than the original versions. ME 1 is so damn choppy if you pop in the original 360 version. I believe the Xbox One BC only caps at 30 fps, so give console owners a smooth 60.

And if they include the DLC, it'd be a must buy. It would also be cool to give the ME 3 multiplayer new life.

The more I think about it, hell yeah this needs to happen. If they choose to bring back the franchise on the next-gen consoles, this kind of feels like an essential thing to bring back goodwill towards Bioware and the series.

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#6 Posted by shorap (431 posts) -

The controls are fine on me2 and 3 but they would need to do some work on the first’s combat, from controls to the rpg aspects of gun accuracy, powers, etc. It would probably be too much to justify that and porting the other games while big wigs would look at what happened to andromeda and be like, “you want to use time and resources to remaster a trilogy of games in a series where the last game bombed? No.”

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#7 Posted by sambair (43 posts) -

I want to give the trilogy another shot after bouncing off of it a few hours into 3, but only if they included all of the DLC. I'd even pay 20-30 bucks per game, just don't make me jump through all of those insane hoops again.

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#8 Posted by FacelessVixen (2637 posts) -

I have the trilogy on PC and the DLC for 2 and 3 are in convent bundles that don't involve BioWare points, so if anything, I rather EA/BioWare either make Mass Effect Andromeda a good game by finishing it among other things, or just not create a scenario where Mass Effect Andromeda can happen again so we're all not saying "R.I.P. BioWare" in a few years.

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#9 Posted by BoOzak (2617 posts) -

I'm fine just playing them on Xbox One, backwards compatibility is enough for me. Same goes for anything really, unless it's remake (RE2 style) I really dont see the point in buying it again just to see it in a slightly higher resolution.

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#10 Edited by stabfreely (55 posts) -

I voted PS5 remake, so I would have a reason to get one...They could only do ME2 and I would be happy, as long as I get to be with Jack again...

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#11 Posted by Efesell (4541 posts) -

Yeah at this point we're deep enough in that...just wait and make it part of the next consoles inevitable remaster parade. We will at least feel better about it than seeing PS4 games "remastered".

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#12 Posted by Nick (1040 posts) -

i just played through these on pc, wish they had had controller support though, so i will vote yes for this.

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#13 Posted by TheHT (15870 posts) -

Hm, I'd be super curious to see what a next-gen (PS5/XB2) remaster would look like.

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#14 Posted by TheRealTurk (548 posts) -

I was thinking about this a bit the other day while watching Mass Alex and concluded that while I am very ready for more (good) Mass Effect, I don't think I really want BioWare to be the one's making it. The current iteration of BioWare would just eff it up.

My ultimate dream-come-true-pie-in-the-sky is just to get a full on Resident Evil 2 style remake. Give 1 the combat of 2 and 3 and use the opportunity to completely re-write 3 from the ground up.

But I know that will never happen. So ultimately, no. I wouldn't be interested in a remastering of the original trilogy on this or any future console generation.

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#15 Posted by OMGFather (1055 posts) -

Nah, just leave Mass Effect alone.

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#16 Posted by someoneproud (604 posts) -

Nah, they still look plenty good enough and the gameplay / story holds up fine as it is.

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#17 Edited by frytup (1327 posts) -

Sure, I'd probably buy it if they put out a 4K HDR bundle with all the DLC, but it's really not necessary. I have all three games on Xbox and PC, and they hold up fine.

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#18 Posted by ll_Exile_ll (3017 posts) -

@humanity said:

Wasn't the remake of Modern Warfare largely succesful and not full price at that? I don't remember what the nickel and diming controversy was involving that. I thought people were happy about it.

Originally that remaster was only available as part of the special edition of Infinite Warfare. The standalone release didn't become available until like 8 months later (for $40).

Additionally, the remaster didn't include the DLC map pack. That was sold separately at a higher price than it was originally when it came out in 2008. Having to buy 10 year old DLC for a remaster is pretty tacky.

Finally, they patched in egregious microtransactions after release, which were obviously not part of the original game.

Modern Warfare Remastered wasn't just brought up to current visual standards, it was morphed and mutated to meet modern publisher monetization expectations.

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#19 Posted by ll_Exile_ll (3017 posts) -

As someone that has the trilogy and all DLC on PC, I don't feel the need to play a remaster. Especially with the mods that are available, the games are already capable of feeling pretty modern.

However, for those that aren't able to play modded out versions of the games at 4K/60FPS, I can see the appeal of a remastered trilogy on consoles. So sure, why not.

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#20 Posted by tds418 (490 posts) -

Idk, even as someone who plays only on console I feel a remaster is largely unnecessary. ME2+3 still look and play fine. ME1 is a little janky but runs better than it originally did through Xbox BC. Maybe I would feel differently if I had a 4K TV.

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#21 Posted by Efesell (4541 posts) -

Now if you wanna just re-do Mass Effect 1 and clean up some of that goddamn bullshit then maybe..

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#22 Posted by OurSin_360 (6184 posts) -

Only one that needs a remake is the first one, and maybe a slight update to 2 to make it play like 3.

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#23 Posted by militantfreudian (686 posts) -

I'm not sure what sort of additional post-processing effects would require more powerful hardware than the existing consoles. Current-gen remasters seem like attractive propositions to me, especially if they come bundled with the DLC. Although I wouldn't mind if they fix the inventory system of the first game.

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#24 Posted by FLStyle (6676 posts) -

I'm not particularly fond of the idea of finding, dusting off & plugging in my PS3 but I really want to play ME1-3 again so I'll take those remasters!

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#25 Posted by BigSocrates (1966 posts) -

I wouldn't be super opposed because others might enjoy it, but I don't feel any great desire for it. The Mass Effect games were great and I even liked 3 (yes the ending was pretty underwhelming but plenty of the stuff up to that point was engaging, even if not as good as what was in 2.) But they're very long games, and I'm happy with how "my" Shepard's story went. I don't feel the need to go back and revisit, especially when much of what made those games great (the characters, the sense of discovery) just wouldn't be as impactfull the second time.

I'd rather they just actually invest into a Mass Effect 4 or another spin-off on new hardware. Hire some great writers and do it right, not like Andromeda (which, to be fair, I have not yet played because I was hoping they'd fix it first, though it seems they never will.) I'm ready for more Mass Effect but if I was going to invest the time to play through 3 lengthy RPGs these days they'd have to be games that I hadn't played before.

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#26 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4499 posts) -

I think the only people that want a remaster for Mass Effect, don’t have an Xbox One.


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#27 Posted by asarihobbes (23 posts) -

Maybe by the time the next gen rolls around, the passion from a team will be so high that they will want to really go all-out (I know it takes money, but I'm saying this over just trying to start a whole new game in the near future, which I don't think would be greenlit). Maybe use it as a way to give us new dlc - maybe as a new character elsewhere during the war. Or a canon ending. I don't know. I feel like current gen would just be what we already have. Which I love, but hey, take any opportunity to get us new content and get the fires stoked. Heh, but if a whole (new) game could get the greenlight anytime soon, then huzzah!

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#28 Posted by hermes (2619 posts) -

I am all for new ME in the spirit of the originals, but I don't know if the game justifies a next generation remake. Outside of polishing the graphics and changing the combat in 1, I don't know how much work they can do. The style of gameplay hasn't fallen out of favor so much to invite a new interpretation...

We are not talking about a Resident Evil 2 from-the-ground-up style of remake, more like a Last of Us add-some-polish-to-already-modern-games here..

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#29 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7612 posts) -

I think re-makes will become more prevalent not less in our gaming future. I think visual mediums just tend to foster the desire to "tweek". There are reasons why so many movies are remade. Broadway shows are remade for profit, yet they very medium of the stage play was the first "remake factory" of human civilisation. The Wizards of Oz is a terrible story in my opinion, but it been remade nearly 20 times if you count up all the movies, made for TV movies, and animated films. King Kong, Frankenstein, Godzilla, seems to keep getting made at and ever increasing rate. So, I think we have only just started with games getting remade.

Obviously, there is a difference between " wanting it made" and it "just getting remade"; but I think anything as successful as the Mass effect Trilogy will get re-made. The back catalog of games and properties only is useful/valuable if the games get remade, right? In the past games with little story got "re-made" all the time...Madden, Sim City, etc. But as games go more story rich, I think there was merely a flimsy barrier that kept remakes from being made, that barriers is breaking down and I fully expect narrative rich games will star being re-made on a similar schedule to that movies and plays being remade.

When I'm sixty will be be playing CoD 4: Modern Warfare, assuming the role of British SAS recruit Sergeant John"Soap" MacTavish? Probably, and it might be the third time around at that time and ist will be in full VR where I smell the smoke and feel the hot breeze.

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#30 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2086 posts) -

God no, the games are very dull and by the numbers.

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#31 Posted by Bane (913 posts) -

If they wanted to do a Mass Effect remaster they'd have to give Mass Effect 1 the Resident Evil 2 (2019) treatment. If they rebuilt 1 in 3's engine I'd consider buying a remastered collection. Otherwise no deal.

4K HDR would be great too.

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