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Hello all,  
I have played only a little bit of Mass Effect when it was first released on the 360 years ago, I wanna try to get into it again. I was curious how this game fared on the PC, are there any problems or issues? Or should I get it on the 360 again? Also I should note that I'm not big into the whole achievment thing so that dosen't really factor. Thanks!    
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If your talking about the first one, the PC version is slightly superior. It fixed a few of the inventory problems the Xbox version had.
Mass Effect 2 and PC and Xbox is identical.

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From what I've heard the UI in ME1 was fixed up a bit when it went to PC, but that's the only version I've played. I can't really remember having any problems with it.  
There's supposedly a problem with Garrus' face texture not working right but I think there's a fix, only issue I can think of for me is the weird lens flare type effects that are all over the game seemed to be too big for me. When talking to Ashley there was one camera angle that would make a light in the back completely obscure her face with the effect, good thing I never liked her.

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Be sure to play ME2 on the same platform as your decisions carry over and make ME2 a lot better then using a default Shepard.

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I think the PC version got better reviews than the 360 version.

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