WTFs up with Mass Effect PC?

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Iv had this game for about a month now and i am yet to play it because of stupid bugs. When i first installed it and played it ran fine. This isn't a hardware issue because when the game does work it runs at a smooth frame rate on all high settings. The problem occurs every other time i try and play the game, everything freezes for about 3 seconds and then freezes again every few seconds, which is obviously unplayable. This isn't only in-game, this is in the menus as well. So i uninstalled it and thought i would wait for a patch. Now that the first patch has being released i though i would give it another shot. I installed the game and patch and launched it and it worked fine, after launching the game a further 3 times it worked well. I left my PC for about an hour and came but to give the game a serious play through and this fucking pops up! "Game Compromised, please reinstall".... WTF does that mean, game compromized?

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Computers are funny like that.

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I played it all the way through without a hitch...

Good luck with getting it to work, I'm sure some more technical forums could help you

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i played it all the way through without too much trouble... only issue i ever had with it, was that when 1 weapon over heated, it would get stuck, and would never come back unless i restarted the game, and it would automaticly make all the weapons over-heat so i couldn't shoot anything at all..... 

that was the only issue i ever had

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What are your system specs? It could he hard drive space issue or just a weird glitch that happens to most computers.

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are your drivers up to date?

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Could be drivers.

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"Game compromised" is a real weird error that I've never seen on anything. Could be something to do with the DRM on the game?

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Game Compromised message is the copyright protection getting it's own back on you!

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