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If You Think Boring is Awesome, This is for You

If you were hoping for something like Bringing Down the Sky in this DLC, your hopes have just be shattered. If you were hoping for a decent side quest with interesting story line and entertaining game play, your hopes have a run over by a pack of elephants. As with the last DLC a note appears on the galatic map saying that the new content is in this system.  The station is dropped in an existing system that already has a planet you can land on, so if you havent been to this planet yet, it is fact not new content.  The new material begins when you enter the station.  The general premise of the station is that it is a training facility for you to sharped your skills.  This consists of several different VR missions with 4 different modes.  After the first you get a mission to help a human who is accused of cheating by the station guard captain.  And thats the DLC.  The "help" you give is just to get first in all of the simulations, which are all very similair and not very challenging.  Some will take you several tries just to do things in the right order, but it isnt fun, just repedative.  Getting through all 12 missions in really a burden, as some take several minutes to do, and there is no reward for anything other than exp.  There is a final mission that will give you  very very good equipment if completed, but it is a cash lottery.  Pay X and you will recieve a random item of high quality.  This option is really only viable for later game players as the highest and best tier of equipment costs 220k.  At the point in my game I had roughly 9 mill. so i could do it many times. It start to recycle items pretty quickly, with a couple rarer items mixed in, so you have to but a far amount of money in to get some of the best items.  The problem to me is the time required to even get to this stage is not worth the reward, it is not going to be earth shattering game changing gear, just better.  The only reason to get this DLC is if your love for mass effect is massive, or you are a gamerscore fiend.  On the gamerpoint side the DLC is extremely generous giving 150 pts for basically just putting your time in.  Over all the content is not worth the 400 pts you paid, as the story is non-existant and does nothing to expand the mass effect universe and material rewards dont out weigh the tedium that must be endured.

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