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Days of our lifes..... in space!

Story: You play as Commander Shepherd who along his ( or her ) crew is tasked with stopping a rouge special agent from opening portals for a non biological race who's goal is to rid the universe of life. This will take you to some spectacular locations troughout the univers and leave you with some tough decisions to be made

Gameplay: Anyone familiar with Biowares 'Knights of the Old Republic' will be familiar with the basic system of Mass Effect. It's a sci-fi RPG set in a future where humanity have met and befome firends with many alien species
Most of the game is played in 3rd person in a way very simular to Gears of War or GTA IV. Or by use of a wheeled landing craft of the various planets you chose to land on
Along with yourself you have two teammates of your own choice that you can command around and can have a large impact on the story depending on whom you bring for what mission
There's a VERY deep conversation system, where choices do make an impacts ( a very large one at times ) and the typical PRG experiance point system with level up options and skill trees as well as an economy system..

Pros: Mass Effect looks awesome and is by far the best looking and most cinematic RPG ever released.. especially the alien species are made so lifelike they could be ported right into a Hollywood movie and would be accepted instantly.. The story is awesome and will have you hooked to the end.
The game has some really great locations and you can for most parts pick them in any order you chose like. 
The shooting is very satisfying and there's a lot of weapons and skills you can use to kill your foes
The team mates you meet are all very interesting and you will even be able to develop relationships with some of them if you feel like it.. 
Even shooter fans can get right into the game and don't have to care about the roleplaying elements unless they want to

Cons: Despite being over 25h's long the game feels short and just when you have full understanding and are up for anything the game ends ( you can start a new game with the same person and stats as you finished with ) 
Many of the sidequests you can take are very repetive and where the ton of planets all have destinctive looks the feel and objectives are all the same and it can get boring, especially compared to the main quest 
Some of the speech tree options seems like fill where the outcome will be the same no matter what you pick and many of the main mission locations are very linear with very little room to flank or roam..
You pick up way too much loot and come across money way to easy making the stores and economy very uninteresting as everything your level is high enough for is available for you without you even have to care about the price

Overall: Mass Effect is THE best sci-fi RPG ever made, it looks awesome and it plays awesome and is a must have for any Sci Fi fan!9/10

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