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New Sci-Fi Epic...

Bioware's Mass Effect does a tremendous job of putting the player front and center in a new sci-fi universe.  There are issues with this game technically but it's story and characters are first rate.

I cannot remember a movie in recent times that has such a rich universe, all credit to Bioware for really putting a lot of effort into this it is clear they really enjoyed making the game.


- Great story, engaging combat, good character development, good graphics, top rate voice acting.


- World exploration was quite poor. Navigating the galaxy map was fun, but lacked depth... they could use a little more content around that. Maybe you could scan the planet in more detail, purchasing equipment and upgrades for your ship to help with that. It was not quite as detailed as Oblivion for example. It just felt a little undercooked there especially when the Bioware guys were really pushing the exploration side as a big plus for the game. Of course we always have content packs to enhance the game, I won't play through again until the new content is delivered.

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