Mass Effect

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    Humanity is still a newcomer on the futuristic galactic stage, and it's up to the charismatic Commander Shepard to investigate the actions of a rogue agent while under threat from a dangerous synthetic race known as the Geth.

    cryinghero's Mass Effect (Limited Collector's Edition) (Xbox 360) review

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    Excuse the pun but the title sums up Mass Effect into one word, although not perfect the BioWare game is simply amazing. The first time I loaded up the game I sat through the company logos and etc. I was then hit with the epic soundtrack and the opening menu "Press Start", so I did.

    Once into the main menu and the Start A New Career page, from here the(excusing the pun) Massiveness begins, you character can be customized from class, appearance, gender etc. You've then the choice on how to use your first Level Points. Level points are gained by as the name suggests leveling up throughout the game.

    Mass Effect is easy to master, with basic controls which are well explained and you'll soon be blasting enemies with ease. There are great abilities your character can gain with special powers such as lifts, throws, sabotage, and various other was of harming your enemy's. These powers are unlocked as you advance in levels and give you various advantages and a method of unlocking other options to use your well earned points on.
    By following the main storyline you barely scrape the surface of the storyline that makes up Mass Effect, there are 50+ side quests or as they are called here, Assignments.

    Mass Effect
    offers up to 50 hours of game play which depends on what you do during that playthrough. You can choose to become Paragon or Renegade, basically Good or Bad through the decisions you make when you talk to the many characters you can find in Mass Effect. There is usually 3 options on which to continue dialogue, all of which affect events of the game and gain you Paragon or Renegade points.

    Once the first mission is completed you have freedom to roam the universe on your spaceship and you can land on planets to scout for treasure and other items and so on. You land on a vehicle nicknamed "Rover" but officially called "Mako". The rover give you access to anywhere on a planet(once it's within the boundary) and you can climb almost vertical mountains with the rover. Another positive is the on board guns.

    You have a choice of four weapons including, Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, and Sniper Rifles.  With many many to pick up, buy and scavenge from the Universe. Armour can be upgraded and like weapons can be found in their numbers from each class be it alien or human.
    The inventory of the game has many types and all come with descriptions, level meters and preview buttons.

    The voice acting of Mass Effect is top class with numerous people and no one voice the same although voiced by the same people. This does not give the repetitiveness that comes with the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic franchise.

    Mass Effect
    does not get a perfect five stars as there are bugs in the game which have yet to be patched and these range from game freezes, game restarts, getting stuck in the scenery and so on. However besides this it gets it's four and a half rating for the sheer scale, amazing story, gameplay value, graphic wonders, amazing acting, brilliant lip animation, diversity and overall brilliance. Mass Effect is a must by if you are a Xbox360 owner.

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