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Units 05-13 were manufactured by SEELE in various countries for the purpose of initiating Third Impact. During the invasion of NERV Headquarters, they engage in combat with Evangelion Unit-02, piloted by Asuka Langley Soryu. At first most of them are destroyed, but soon all of the MP Units revive and brutally mutilate Unit-02 in a visceral counterattack. Afterwards, they join Lilith in the sky and begin Third Impact.

The MP EVAs are each equipped with an S2 Engine, allowing them to operate with an unlimited supply of power indefinitely. They also have retractable wings on their back which allow them to fly. Their sword weapons are able to transform into a replica of the Lance of Longinus, with the ability to pierce an AT Field.

The MP EVAs are not controlled by pilots, but with the Dummy Plug System, loaded with Kaworu Nagisa's personality data.

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