Massimiliano Allegri

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    An Italian professional soccer manager and former player.

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    Senior career

    1984–1985 Cuoiopelli

    1985–1988 Livorno

    1988–1989 Pisa

    1989–1990 Livorno

    1990–1991 Pavia

    1991–1993 Pescara

    1993–1995 Cagliari

    1995–1997 Perugia

    1997–1998 Padova

    1998 Napoli

    1998–2000 Pescara

    2000–2001 Pistoiese

    2001–2003 Aglianese

    Teams managed

    2003–2004 Aglianese

    2004–2005 SPAL

    2005 Grosseto

    2006 Grosseto

    2007–2008 Sassuolo

    2008–2010 Cagliari

    2010–2014 AC Milan

    2014–2019 Juventus

    2021– Juventus


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