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Master Shake is the leader of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He is hot tempered and not incredibly intelligent, though he likes to believe otherwise. He gets pleasure out of tormenting his roommate, Meatwad emotionally and physically. Master Shake is lazy and loves watching TV. Since he is lazy, anytime there is actual work to be done he tries to force the clearly incapable and simple-minded Meatwad to do it for him, usually by tricking him. He often fights with his other roommate Frylock. He enjoys mooching off of his neighbor Carl Brutananadilewski, specifically using his pool without his permission. When using Carl's pool, Master Shake has his signature floaty tube and sunglasses.

Master Shake has an affinity toward metal music. He enjoys Zakk Wylde, Rush, and Foreigner. Master Shake believes that he is a musician who is a guitar virtuoso with a large catalog of musical material, but in actuality he rarely plays and when he does his skills are incredibly limited.

Master Shake is voiced by voice actor and comedian Dana Snyder.


  • "Now why don't you go back to the time before Christ, AKA next door."
  • "I like beatings...I'll beat ya all day! You wanna rap? I'll rap your head in!"
  • "You know, mayonnaise aside, this is the best damn sandwich I've ever had."
  • "Well, I am forever. I AM IMMORTAL!"
  • "See, Carl, I got your backside buddy. Now that's gonna be $12."
  • "Shoots himself in the foot and thinks the world stops for him. Still turnin', baby!"
  • "The Highlander was a documentary."
  • "I want as little do with you as possible so please leave my sight."
  • "I didn't pay no bills! I pay you no mind."
  • "Oh, God, Egypt is so boring! It doesn't even friggin' exist, I mean, you don't hear DMX rap about it! You tell me how this is supposed to get you a high powered, six figure job. They don't ask Tom Cruise this stuff before he signs onto his movies! No one has to know this ever."
  • "You know, you're like the A-bomb. Everybody's laughing, having a good time, then you show up, BOOM! Everyone's dead."
  • "You are the gayest monster since gay came to gaytown."
  • "Dancing is forbidden."
  • "Who better to wash the ass out of this shirt than my slave, which is you! Now go forth and do my bidding you dirty jackal!"
  • "This is my shirt and you are not abusing it probably."
  • "I think that the branch will hold f- it's not holding!"
  • "Are you the guy that just told me to beware? Cause I'll tell you where to be."
  • "I haven't payed taxes in six years, and I'm not getting busted by a sandwich."
  • "The toilets run on lasers! This is like Star Wars! This is how Darth Vader craps!"
  • "Yeah, those are racing stripes. If you consider diarrhea to be a sport."
  • "Holy crap in a pita! Monsters!"
  • "Hey, you're dumb. Eat this."
  • "I'm about me! And women!"
  • "Do you know how many birthdays there are in a year? There are hundreds. Literally...hundreds."
  • "See? Kids love pizza. And they love squalor!"
  • "You're lucky I'm thoughtful enough to throw my anger at the media, and not your buttocks!"
  • "I can't read, I'm not a loser."
  • "I have three hearts, because I'm from Tatooine. I get a physical every year...on Alderaan!"
  • "First off, this swimming pool is not Olympic size. I want a high dive! What does that mean? It means depth, for flips and twists. To me, this pool looks poorly constructed, at best."
  • "I put a spell on them hos y'all, you know, fly honeys, that I would genitals!"
  • "How can you sleep when Assisted Living Dracula is on? I know it seems a little slow but when you really get into it, when you see it from the beginning..."
  • "Answer the door, it's Dracula."
  • "Women aren't turned on by safe, they love danger."
  • "Sex is everything to me. Everything."
  • "You know I'm a gangsta, G! You just won't admit it, because Styrone won't let you into the club! You've gotta have icewater running through your veins."

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