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    Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released May 30, 2001

    Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX is an extreme sports game made in the same spirit as the Tony Hawk series. Developed by Runecraft and published by Activision, the title was the first game released under the Activision 02 brand.

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    Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX was released in May 2001 and was the first and most successful spin-off of the "Pro" franchise, even advertising the use of the Tony Hawk game engine on its cover. The game is a BMX-centered extreme sports game and follows the same basic principles of the first three Tony Hawk games. Players ride around levels preforming tricks and trying to accomplish as many goals as possible in a two minute time span. Goals are similar to those found in the Tony Hawk games, and include trying to earn two different set point scores, riding through five different objects, collecting letters to spell TRICK (as opposed to SKATE) and locating a Secret Cover (as opposed to a Secret Tape).

    Also similar to the Tony Hawk games, every two/three levels, players must compete in a timed contest runs. Players are judged and awarded medals based on their points scored throughout the three rounds. The game includes many features that were introduced in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2. THPS1 Levels 'Warehouse' and 'Burnside' are unlockable levels that can be played in the game's Free-Ride mode. Also featured is the Create-a-Park feature included in THPS2, containing many of the pieces found within its sister creator. Tony Hawk is even a playable character, unlocked after completing the game 100% with a character.


    The game features a number of recognizable BMX riders at the time.

    Initial Characters

    • Mat Hoffman
    • Mike Escamilla
    • Cory Naztazio
    • Joe "Butcher" Kowalski
    • Rick Thorne
    • Dennis McCoy
    • Kevin Robinson
    • Simon Tabron

    Unlockable Characters

    • Granny (Unlocked by Restarting a level 10 - 20 times).
    • Tony Hawk (Unlocked by completing a Career mode 100% with any character)


    Hoffman Bike Factory

    Construction Yard

    London Underground

    New York Park

    Treatment Plant

    La Harba, California

    CFI Competition


    • 20 Minute Crash - "The CFB Song)
    • Agent Orange - "Everything Turns Gray"
    • Apocalypse Hoboken - "Congested"
    • Bad Brains - "Banned in DC"
    • B-52s - "52 Girls"
    • Deltron 3030 - "Positive Contact"
    • Face to Face - "Icons"
    • Fila Brazilia - "Bugs Bite Back"
    • Fluke - "Absurd (Might Dub Katz Mix)
    • Jurassic 5 - "Great Expectations"
    • Newcleus - "Computer Age (Push the Button)
    • Outkast - "Bombs Over Baghdad"
    • Paris - "Break the Grip of Shame"
    • Pailhead - "I Will Refuse"
    • Pennywise - "Wouldn't It Be Nice"
    • Static X and Dead Presidents - "Hip Hop"
    • Stone Roses - "Fool's Gold (Grooverider Mix)
    • Ten Foot Pole - "Racer X"

    A song called Wayward Child by Cloud was also used in one of the trailers, but did not appear in the game.


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