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The player directly controls whatever vehicle he chooses to use. The player can also use a boost/siren button on spacebar in order to hurry to an emergency. When  mission is announced an arrow appears over the car pointing in it's direction but can simply be ignored if the driver wants to just go explore. At the destination a player will need to stop in a specifc zone in order to  trigger the mission start/end. 

The World

The world is divided up into several unique zones between which there are no loading screens. Missions are announced via radio and the announcer indicates which zone a mission is taking place in.
  • Port
  • Farms
  • Downtown
  • City
  • Suburbs
  • Airport
  • Industrial zone.
  • Mines
  • Carnival

The Missions

Missions cover a wide array of emergencies and are unique to the vehicle you are using at the time. 

Police- Muggings, stolen cars, shoplifters, bike thiefs, public disturbances.
Fire- Airport Fire, ladder rescue, house fire, mine collapse, ferris wheel rescue
Ambulance- Park Injury, Car accident, sickness at the carnival. 

The Vehicles

Police officers start with a police cruiser, but after the completion of a series of missions, are given the Police Motorcycle, the fastest vehicle in the game
Ambulance Drivers start with a basic van size Ambulance, before upgrading to a much larger Truck size ambulance.
Fire Fighters begin with a stock red firetruck, but then upgrade to a much larger firetruck

Easter Eggs

In the port  Zone an adventurous player can discover the Loch Ness Monster as well as multiple Gigantic Sharks and a whale. 

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