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    Material Defender

    Character » appears in 7 games

    Material Defender is a freelance mercenary from the Descent series of games, employed and betrayed by the PTMC his only goal is to get his money back.

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    The main protagonist of the Descent series.

    Material Defender was originally hired as a mercenary by the PTMC to help eradicate virus-riddled robots in their mines using the Pyro-GX zero-gravitycraft. Following his success, he was outfitted with an experimental warp drive, tricked by a loophole in his contract, and forced to eradicate MORE mines. Unfortunately, after that success, the warp drive malfunctioned and he was shot out to places unknown. After being recovered by the Red Acropolis Research Base, it was learned that the warp drive malfunction was sabatoge by Samuel Dravis of the PTMC to try to kill him off to hide a conspiracy involving the virus.

    Material Defender himself is a no-nonsense, cynical mercenary who's only concerned about getting his pay and moving onto the next job. He hates the PTMC, Samuel Dravis in particular, and would love to do anything to break free from them.


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