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A very late Neo Geo release, Matrimelee is a 2D fighter designed to be more ridiculous than its predecessors in the Power Instinct series, which were already becoming comedy games that would still draw a friendly competitive atmosphere in Japanese game centers with each passing entry in the series. Comedic examples include Thin Nen/Chinnen the monk offering the victory quote "I’ll take a payment of 200 burgers for what I’ve taught you.", losing characters faces being scribbled on with graffiti, and the ability to use the referee as a shield or a projectile.

Being a late Neo Geo release, falling prices of chip manufacturing led to this being one of the few Neo Geo games with a full waveform soundtrack. Music ranged from lounge, to Super Sentai TV show introduction music about a man laid off from his job, to a Pantera parody, to a blues song upset about the waitress taking their plate before they were finished with their fries.

Matrimelee's story is intentionally flimsy, the premise being a martial arts tournament intending to determine the partner of Princess Sissy of Certain Country so that the kingdom could continue to be ruled by a strong warrior.

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