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    Matrix Runner

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    Announced in 1993 for the Sega VR head-tracking virtual reality headset, Matrix Runner was to be a polygonal-based 3D cyberpunk adventure game, where the player must solve a murder mystery by entering a cyberspace called the Matrix.

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    Announced in 1993, it was one of several games announced for the Sega VR head-tracking virtual reality headset. Following the cancellation of the Sega VR headset, however, the game was never heard from again, essentially becoming vaporware.

    The game was reportedly inspired by Hideo Kojima's cyberpunk adventure game Snatcher. Matrix Runner's attempt at visualizing a cyberspace called the Matrix in turn appears to anticipate The Matrix franchise of films and games.


    It described in the August/September 1993 issue of Sega Visions magazine as follows: "play an elite superhacker in this unique cyberspace voyage. You have to explore the dark, winding databanks of the Matrix to solve the mysterious disappearance of your colleagues, knowing that you might be the next victim. In your travels, you will collide with strange semi-humans and vulture-like beings."


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