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    Matt Hazard

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    Matt Hazard is one of gaming's biggest fictional stars, featured in dozens of games across generations.

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    Matt Hazard is a video game action hero much like Duke Nukem or Postal Dude. Over the decades, he has starred in many games... but then ended his career with a go-kart game and a pinata game. Even a movie based on one of his games was scheduled to be released but is currently in indefinite production hiatus. It is rumored that Matt has gotten an offer for a new video game. Could this be the comeback of Matt Hazard? or a horrible attempt at a revival with dozens of new mechanics that just end up flooding you with hours of not-fun?! Keep a close eye on his new game... because something is going to go DOWN.

    Matt Hazard games:

    (1983) The Adventures of Matt in Hazard Land:
    Instant Hit 8bit side scrolling arcade shooter. Deemed "one of the most unnecessarily bloody games ever made"

    (1987) A Fist Full of Hazard:
    A western shooter with all of Matt Hazard's trademark styles (big guns, big explosions, hot babes, etc.) added in for good measure.

    (1990) Conflict of the the Deities (feat. Matt Hazard):
    In this mythological fantasy game, Matt played a time traveler who soon becomes a god-like warrior.

    (1992) Matt Hazard 3D:
    Matt's first FPS and the game that put him on the spot as one of videogames' toughest dudes. The mission is to break into a german lab in Wafferthin where scientists were cloning troops to take over the world. Features over 30 colors per character.

    (1993) [Import Only] Goonzilla versus Mega-Matt:
    Mediocre attempt to spread Matt's "Hazardness" to the Asian market. It put a radioactively enhanced Matt against a rampaging monster. Bad Game, Excellent Collectors Item.

    (1995) You Only Live 1,317 Times:
    Matt's famous 4-player spy game that almost had a movie made with it.

    (1996-1998) Matt Hazard and Dexter Dare games:
    The 3rd Person buddy-cop (shooting and platforming) Games that introduces Matt's wacky sidekick, Dexter Dare.
    DOUBLE WHAMMY: a Matt and Dexter Adventure (1996)
    Matt Hazard in Gutpunch! (feat. Dexter Dare) (1997)
    Matt and Dexter in MURDER FORCE! (1998)

    (1999) Matt Hazard: Alien Assassin Arena!
    Much like id's Quake series, this was an extreme multiplayer fight to the death. There was a small single-player campaign where he fought aliens, but it wasn't the highlight of the package. While a decent game, it is known as the beginning of the end for Matt Hazard.

    (2000) Haz-Matt Carts:
    The owners of the franchise decided to spread Matt's fanbase to the younger and more family based crowd. A cutesy go-cart game that featured all of the characters in the Matt Hazard series that was considered a failure... a cult-classic none the less.

    (2002) Choking Hazard - HARD CANDY:
    The last attempt to save Matt Hazard and his series. Another attempt to get parents to bring Hazard into the household. In the game, Matt is the sole survivor of a pinata attack. Considered a pure failure, it seems the company decided to pack it in, bring Matt to the back yard, shoot him in the head with a 12-gauge, and throw the remains into a wood chipper.

    In the end, Matt Hazard had a great run. Local resources tell us that Choking Hazard wasn't the last that we've seen of our bald bad-ass.
    Matt Hazard is voiced by Arrested Development star, Will Arnett

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