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    Matthew Bellamy is the lead singer and guitarist of the rock band Muse. He appears in Guitar Hero 5 as a fully playable character (He is unlocked by playing Plug In Baby and completing the band challenge at platinum level).

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    Matthew Bellamy is the lead singer and guitarist for English rock band 'Muse', born on the 9th June 1978 in Cambridge, England. He is the son of George Bellamy who was the rhythm guitarist in the 1960's rock group 'The Tornados'. The Tornado's hit single 'Telstar' was one of the main inspirations to Matthew Bellamy writing one of Muse's most popular songs, Knights of Cydonia which made an appearance in Guitar Hero 3 in 2007. 

    Matthew Bellamy as he appears in Guitar Hero 5
    Matthew Bellamy as he appears in Guitar Hero 5

    In Matthew's early childhood, his family moved to Teignmouth, Devon.  in which he would later befriend fellow Muse members Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme. Matthew started playing the piano at the age of 6 showing phenomenal talent as his older brother, James would play the theme tune to Dallas on the TV and Matthew would replicate the tune on the piano with ease. At the age of fourteen, his parents split and Matthew moved in with his grandmother which turned him towards the guitar and got him more interested in rock bands such as Nirvana and Rage Against the Machine.

    During the early 1990's, Matthew attended Teignmouth Community College and Coombeshead College. During this time, he and fellow members of Muse played in their own seperate bands. Matthew auditioned for the part of guitarist in drummer Dominic Howard's band and successfully landed the role. Both him and Dominic asked Chris Wolstenholme (who was drummer in another band at the time) to take up bass. Chris took up the offer and thus the band was formed. Named Rocket Baby Dolls at the time, in 1994, the band entered a local Battle of the Bands contest and ended up winning. Upon winning, Matthew and the rest of the band decided to start taking the band seriously, resulting in them quitting their jobs, move away from Teignmouth, go to university and in the process, change the band name to Muse. In 1999, Muse released their first studio album 'Showbiz' and since then have released a further four studio albums.
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    Matthew is the primary song writer for the band and uses a variety of techniques for his lyrical and musical composition such as singing with vibrato and falsetto (as heard in Plug in Baby - Guitar Hero 5). When performing live, he has a very unique style of playing. Many live regularities include walking back and forth while playing and during Plug in Baby he usually spins around during the second verse (as seen in Guitar Hero 5). In the earlier days of Muse, the band were prone to smashing their musical set up at the end of a gig causing their instruments to be irreparable. During the Absolution Tour in 2004, Matthew smashed 140 guitars - which is currently a world record at smashing guitars.

    Muse songs featured in video games

    Butterflies and Hurricanes - Formula One 05 
    Knights of Cydonia - Guitar Hero 3 
    Hysteria - Rock Band (Featured on disk for the EU verison, DLC for everywhere else). 
    Supermassive Black Hole - Guitar Hero 3 (DLC) and Fifa 07
    Stockholm Syndrome - Guitar Hero 3 (DLC) 
    Exo-Politics - Guitar Hero 3 (DLC) 
    Assassin - Guitar Hero : World Tour  
    Plug in Baby - Guitar Hero 5   
    Uprising - Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
    Resistance - Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (DLC)


     Muse 1999
    Origin of Symmetry
     Muse 2001
    Hullabaloo (Soundtrack)
     Muse 2002
     Muse 2003
    Black Holes and Revelations
     Muse 2006
    HAARP (Live at Wembley Stadium)
    The Resistance

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