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    Matthew Rorie

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    Once a GameSpot editor and then a Marketing and PR Producer at Obsidian Entertainment, Matt Rorie worked alongside Giant Bomb at Whiskey Media website Screened, and is now Product Manager for Giant Bomb. Matt's got faith of the heart; going where his heart will take him.

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    After acting as Game Guides Editor at GameSpot and Marketing and PR Producer at Obsidian Entertainment, Matt co-founded Whiskey Media's movie and TV website alongside fellow ex-GameSpot employee Alex Navarro. In March 2012, Whiskey Media was split up and sold to BermanBraun and CBS Interactive. BermanBraun purchased the Distillery platform,, Screened, and, while CBSi acquired GiantBomb and ComicVine. Navarro's employment with Screened was terminated with the purchase and he remained the East Coast Editor for Giant Bomb, while Rorie remained with Screened and BermanBraun until April 2, 2012.

    History with Giant Bomb

    Matt made his first appearance on Giant Bomb as a surprise guest on the Giant Bombcast on 07-14-2008 at about the halfway point, where he talked about Alpha Protocol and drank. He appeared periodically as a friend of the site in the following years, largely facilitated by the fact that as part of Whiskey Media, he and the Giant Bomb staff worked in the same office for many months. He became particularly well-known among the Giant Bomb community for appearing on weekly Whiskey Media live show The Whiskey Media Happy Hour, where his trademarks were holding hands with staff member Ryan Davis, and showing videos of puppies. Typically the number of puppies in the video corresponded to the rating he was awarding a film he had reviewed.

    On April 23, 2013, Giant Bomb designer and engineer, Dave Snider announced that he had left the site on 29th March to pursue family life and care for his newly born daughter, Veronica Snider. He also announced that to act as new product manager for Giant Bomb and largely fill his previous position, Matthew Rorie was to join the staff.

    Personal Interests

    Rorie's love of Star Trek: Enterprise is well documented and he will sing the first line of the show's theme any chance he gets. Probably the most famous instance of this was during the Whiskey Media Block Party after The Big Live Live Show Live where he repeatedly sang the song to the camera which was set up outside. The theme's actual title is Where My Heart Will Take Me by Russell Watson. He also really likes puppies and has a weird fascination with Emma Stone.


    • Brian Ekberg once opined that Matt had an uncanny resemblance to Bill Rizer.
    • Matt has his own photo blog, Properly Petting Puppies, in which he takes pictures of puppies that he encountered and petted.
    • His porn name would be Rock Diesel.
    • He knows a thing or two about Dungeons and Dragons.
    • Really doesn't like the film "Grown Ups".
    • He hates children but hates teenagers the most.
    • He is pro-nudity.
    • His favorite breed of dog is the French Bulldog.
    • He majored in Physics at Virginia Tech for some years before switching to English.
    • Has spent $800 on the arcade version of San Francisco Rush 2049.
    • Incapable of pronouncing the name "Edgar". He inexplicably pronounces it "Edjer". He once claimed he would often purposely pronounce words wrong to bother Alex. Alex has chided him several times for his pronunciation, so it's possible this is the case.
    • His dance arsenal consists of one move.
    • Is not afraid of shaking babies.
    • Finds Patrick Wilson to be quite attractive
    • Valiantly fought the Undead during the Dark Souls Quicklook.
    • He may or may not look at granny porn in his spare time.
    • He is probably the only one in the office who hates Mondays.
    • Before he worked at Gamespot, he didn't drink.
    • He hates Antonio Banderas in basically everything he has been in.
    • One time in middle school he lost $5. He cried.
    • Has admitted that he is a horrible person.
    • Was 27 when he learned to drive.
    • He likes seeing children get murdered in movies. (He has since recanted this statement saying that he was really tired when the podcast where this particular fact came out was recorded.)
    • On June 2, 2012, Matt Rorie was declared the 2012 Golden Duder champion.
    • Is sometimes referred to as the "White Nightmare."
    • Became a noted, diligent, and much appreciated Champion of Moderation & Civil Forum Discussion during July 2014
    • Hates John Cusack


    • "I think humans should lick each other for cleaning."
    • "Why am I erect? I don't know."
    • "Oh shitcock!"
    • "My family can fuck off for all I care."
    • "Hey look it's an Ewok, it's a Jawa, it's a pineapple."
    • "My Mom was big into like calligraphy and stuff growing up. Like she's she has really, really good uh handwriting. She had all these special pens and stuff like that. My mom's Chinese, uhm.... you know. Old Southern."
    • "Please don't tell people that they have no right to be offended. It's super dismissive and not helpful when people feel like airing their concerns."
    • "I don't know my processor history, what are you a nerd?"
    • "I won a Saturn as a kid. One of the sweetest moments of my life."
    • "Buffering problems...if you've been having buffering problems...fuck me."
    • "Golf is the math of the universe."

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