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    Mature is a member of the Hakkesshu (The Eight Heads of Orochi). She and Vice worked for Rugal as his secretaries and later joined Iori's team.

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    Mature is a character from The King of Fighters series. She first appears as a non-playable character in The King of Fighters '94, but forms a team with Iori Yagami and Vice in KOF '96. Mature has appeared in every King of Fighters Dream Match Game (98, 2002, and XII).

    King of Fighters

    Mature is one of the Hakkesshu, which is the KOF Universe word for the followers of Orochi. After Rugal Bernstein faces Goenitz and lost, Goenitz gave Rugal a fraction of the Orochi power and assigned Mature and Vice to watch over him. Despite the fact that he lost the tournement in 1994, Rugal returned, with bionics, and faced off against Kyo Kusanagi and the Hero team again the following year. Rugal lost control of the Orochi power and it consumed him. Goenitz became involved in the 96 tournament and ordered Vice and Mature to keep an eye on Iori Yagami. After Goenitz's defeat at the end of the 96 tournement, Mature and Vice think they are freed from Orochi's service and betray their leader. However Goenitz unleashes Iori's Riot of Blood and Iori kills the two Hakkeshu.

    Vice and Mature appear in King of Fighters XIII as shadow spirits that have taken physical form again. They offer Iori the option not to reclaim his power (as this would rid him of the Riot of Blood) but Iori declines their offer and takes back his power. Vice and Mature then fade away but promise to return.

    Fighting Techniques

    Mature's set of special moves are roughly the same throughout her appearances in KOF. She primarily claws at the enemy with her long fingernails.

    Command Normal

    • Crematory: Mature knees the opponent in the face before kicking them. Only available in '98.

    Special Moves

    • Despair: Mature jumps into the air, flipping upside down while slicing below her head. In KOF XII/XIII, the slice must be activated manually.
    • Death Row (Death Downer): A triple-input attack. The first input unleashes an upward slice, the second input triggers a low slice, and the last input activates a backhanded slice. EX Death Row in KOF XIII results in a maximum of five slices instead of three.
    • Metal Massacre: Mature runs forward and performs a turning horizontal slice.
    • Ebony Tears: Mature places her hands above her head. After a delay, she unleashes a large slash that flies forward as a projectile. The move is unique in that its input requires a motion usually reserved for Desperation Moves.
    • Deceaser: A grabbing technique that Mature shares with Vice. After winding up, Mature whips her arm forward with exaggerated range. If she hits the opponent, she will toss them behind her. Mature loses the move in KOF XII and XIII.
    • Sacrilege: Mature twirls into the air at a forward angle, repeatedly slicing the opponent when she makes contact with them. She loses this move in KOF XII and XIII

    Desperation Move

    • Nocturnal Lights: Mature performs three Metal Massacre-like slashes before slicing upward. If the upward slice hits, Mature fires an Ebony Tears.
    • Heaven's Gate: Mature runs forward. If she successfully makes contact with the opponent, she grabs them, slides to the end of the stage, and slams them against the stage boundary. This creates a pillar of energy that contains a skull.

    Other Media

    Mature appears in the King of Fighters: Destiny anime series (losely based on Fatal Fury 1 & KOF 94'). She is Rugal's seccretary and is heavily implied to have romantic feelings for him. The season ends with her looking upon an injured Rugal while Goenitz prepares for Orochi's return.


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