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The Mauls are a nomadic tribe-based society hailing from the Blind Steppes in the far northern part of the world. They are a brutish and violent sort, though, much like the Ghôls, they are by no means inherently evil. Not having any real sympathy for Soulblighter's cause, they choose instead to aid him so that they might further their own desires, most important of which is their quest for better lands. Though not known for their intelligence, the Mauls are smart enough to realize that they lack the strength of numbers to claim new territories on their own, and thus they form an alliance of convenience with the armies of the Dark in hopes of expanding their domain.

Racial Characteristics

Physically, Mauls resemble large humanoid boars, complete with curved tusks and coarse hair covering their bodies. They stand at least a foot taller than a Human, and typically weigh several times as much. Members of their race are notoriously nearsighted, which might partially explain their tendency to simply walk up to their opponents and attack. They are known as well to be voracious carnivores capable of consuming astonishing amounts, though they can also survive for long periods with very little food when necessary. Their nomadic ways often preclude the accumulation of much in the way of physical possessions, however it is fairly common for Mauls to heavily favor a particular weapon, using it throughout their lives for various purposes, be it warfare, hunting, or social interaction.

Role in the Series

Mauls are one of the most fearsome non-elite melee units in Myth II. They have outstanding hit points, and aside from colossal units like Myrkridian Giants and Trow, they have the highest single-hit melee attack damage in the game. Getting within range to take advantage of these traits can be tricky, however, as Mauls are not particularly fast or quick to change course. While they are somewhat resistant to explosive damage, the fact remains that ranged units will have a fair amount of time to whittle them down before they can close the distance. For these reasons, Mauls are at their best when used in defensive situations where enemies must come to them.

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