Can those who have played this explain this random bundle?

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@Jothel: Because most of the game takes place in Brazil, and is actually fairly similar in tone to that movie. Although the movie is a LOT more uncomfortable to watch, really horrible (but good).

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Max Payne 3 takes place in Brazil and that movie is "The Brazilian goodfellas"  
So I imagine they said "fuck it, we can't sell this movie by itself lets bundle it."

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They had a bunch of Blu-ray's lying around that no one would buy, so they bundled it in with a game?

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I'd have thought they'd bundle it with Man on Fire.

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Anyone else also see the irony that it's the Xbox 360 version with a bluray? Shouldn't it be HD DVD or whatever that dead format is. In fact, they should just bundle every game with an unwanted movie in a dead format.

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@liquidmatt: Popular console version with polular disc format, I see nothing wrong there.

...other than why blu-ray even 'won' the format war in the first place... HD-DVD WAS THE MOST LOGICAL STEP FORWARD DANG IT!! Cheaper, for everyone invloved, and would have benifited use more :(

*Shakes internet fist.

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