Can't finish Max Payne 3 because xbox360 keeps crashing

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So it turns out that I won't be finishing this game any time soon, not because it was too difficult or anything like that, it's just because my xbox360 is OLD. 
I bought the game back in may and I was loving it, been a Max Payne fan since the first games and i think that Rockstar really did a great job with it, but then came disc 2, as soon as I made the disc change I started to have problems with the game performance, cutscenes played without any audio or sometimes it was only audio and no video, also the game started to crash pretty regularly at least once every 45 minutes or so, tried doing everything, installing the game, clearing the cache, uninstalling the game, cleaning the disc, but it just wouldn't work, when I made it to the airport level the crashes were so constant that I just couldn't make any more progress, it crashed every 5 to 10 minutes, and because i had no problems while playing disc 1 I was pretty sure it was the disc 2 fault.
So I went to the internet and looked for a solution to my problem and in the rockstar support it said that some old consoles could have trouble while playing some newer games, I called BS because I had never had any problem with any other game regardless of graphics or how recent it was or anything like, even though I have a 2005 xbox which has never given me any trouble so I put the blame on the disc. 
Today I finally decided that I wanted to finish the game, so a friend of mine lent me his copy and I finally started playing again, after twenty minutes of playing it crashed the same way it did before, so now I'm sure my console is the problem.  
I'm just upset that I won't be finishing it only because my console can't play this specific game and wanted to tell the story to you guys, and tell me, has anyone of you had any problem similar to this? 
I can't play the game because my xbox360 is too fucking old to play it, even though it can play any other new games without any problem. 

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@ADarkMatter: Talk about fucking bullshit. Send a tweet to XboxSupport on twitter and see what they say about this.

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That's a real shame, MP3 is an amazing game, especially for a Max Payne fan. Good luck with your technical problem!

If you have a good enough PC, I suggest getting the PC version. Playing that game with a mouse makes you feel like you've died and gone to heaven!

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Not to add fuel to the fire, but I'm embarrassed at the quality of this game overall and that Rockstar felt comfortable letting it out in the shape it is in, at least the xbox360 version. The crashing is at the level of a bad pc mod or an over-reaching indie title, but there's no excuse for the fact I can't play for more than 30~ minutes at a time before the game completely locks up my xbox. I want to finish the game, much like the OP, but I'm having a hard time justifying my purchase of the game, let alone the time it will take me to finish it thanks to the many issues. Also, since I'm venting in a public place, I think this game is average at best, I can't connect with the shooting or feel of it all (admittedly, it's hard to get into a groove when you know you're on a strict time limit trying to reach a checkpoint before the game implodes) and I absolutely hate Rockstar's engine when it is forced to be a "shooter." Why can't I shoot that guy right in front of me over cover? Because for some reason, my gun is sticking straight in the air thanks to the Euphoria physics goodness. What a fucking disappointment, I have such fond memories of loving the first two, and now I'm have to chug through this broken turd.

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