How would you feel about a Max Payne 4 ?

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#1 Posted by Sean2206 (275 posts) -

So I just finished Max Payne 3 and wow what a game, great story, voice acting, writing and great gameplay. I played the entire series over the summer for the first time and I enjoyed all three games immensely and I was kind of sad to see Max Payne 3 end. With the ending implying Max was done and could finally rest it got me thinking about a Max Payne 4 and my question to you people is

Would you play a Max Payne 4 or How would you feel about a Max Payne 4 ?

initially I felt Max was very detached from the story of the third game as he had no personal motivation like he did in the first two but as the intrigue and mystery built and Max had more clear motivations to do the right thing or find some sort of redemption especially. The end of chapter 6 also gave Max some clear personal motivations to keep fighting. What I'm trying to say is in my opinion a fourth game could work but if you are going to do another and if they do be it remedy or Rockstar I feel it should be the last and the final chapter should be very personal even if it is something as simple as someone with a vendetta from Max's past returns and go from there.

Anyway I throw it over to you guys, opinions on a Max Payne 4 ?

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#2 Posted by SerHulse (710 posts) -

I'd want a Max Payne 4 but not for maybe another 3-4 years at least.

I fucking loved 3 (perhaps my personal GOTY so far) despite the fact I was very indifferent towards 1 and 2.

As for why I think it shouldn't happen for a long while? I thought the gameplay was unique and extremely interesting and entertaining, but I feel a Max Payne game every other year say, might sully that. Whereas if there was a long gap between releases it would (hopefully) be refreshing every time it comes out.

Then again I think the same should apply to every video game out there but, what are you going to do? Rockstar are one of the few companies in a position were they can shelve a popular franchise for years at a time, rather than milking it, if they want to. Who's going to stop them?

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#3 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

I think it would be pretty inappropriate, and would probably shit all over the theme of redemption that the game has. Max is done, yo. Rode off into the sunset.

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#4 Posted by Milkman (18913 posts) -

We're done. Do something new. 

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#5 Posted by Mastercheesey (246 posts) -

I would prefer new stuff from Rockstar.

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#6 Posted by Brendan (9035 posts) -

Don't care. Max Payne 3 was a pretty fun to play, but it was clear from that game that there isn't anything interesting to say about Max Payne anymore.

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#7 Posted by breadfan (6803 posts) -
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#8 Posted by Seastalk (129 posts) -

I didn't want a Max Payne 3 from Rockstar, I certainly don't want a 4...

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#9 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

My heart says let poor Max rest in peace after all the shit he went through, but my desire to play another awesome-as-hell Max Payne game says MAKE IT ASAP.

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#10 Posted by Fjordson (2568 posts) -

I enjoyed Max Payne 3, so I'd certainly look forward to it. But at the same time, based on the story and where the character is at the end of 3, I don't know if it'd make a whole lot of sense.

And really, Rockstar isn't usually into direct sequels. Technically they do them for GTA, but those are pretty far removed from each other, save for a few references and made-up product brands.

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#11 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12538 posts) -

I think they'd be better off rebooting the series. The Max Payne.

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#12 Edited by ShaggE (8393 posts) -

M4x P4yne.

Sorry. (not really)

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#13 Posted by Sean2206 (275 posts) -

I agree with you guys that in terms of story that should be it over, Max is finished and can finally chill but damn if I don't want to play another fun as hell Max Payne game.

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#14 Posted by Maajin (1171 posts) -
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#15 Posted by DharmaBum (1703 posts) -

Nah, in the end Max got what he wanted; for the sun to shine.

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#16 Posted by Genkkaku (759 posts) -

As much as I liked 3.. 2 ended on a good note, Max had come full circle and his story was done.. but video games man

With that ending I hope that there is never a Max Payne 4.. the only way I would play it if it's a Bubba Hotep but Max Payn

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#17 Posted by Firepaw (3053 posts) -

Sure, I would like it to return to the hands and minds of Max Payne 1 and 2, and then I want them to go to Russia, like the original concept for Max Payne 3. And Max should die in the end... or in the middle of the game, that would be even more Max Payne-like.

Come on Rockstar! Get Remedy working on that.

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#18 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19301 posts) -

I loved Max Payne 3, but Rockstar can not possibly take the franchise in a more interesting direction, their deed is done with the ending of MP3.

The only hope for a Max Payne 4 is one made by Remedy that somehow brings the series to its roots and fucks with the mind like the good old days.

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#19 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6421 posts) -

The only new Max Payne product I'd like to see is an HD remake of the original two, Halo Anniversary-style. Other than that, the series has ended, and it went out really well. Enjoy it.

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#20 Edited by j_boy (16 posts) -

Yeah, I would love to play a Max Payne 4 similar in style to the third game. Perhaps make Max a little older still, and have the storyline be more directly related to Max himself as opposed to something he is just dropped into. That isn't to say I didn't enjoy Max Payne 3, I really did, but I did feel more or less disconnected from the story. I only connected to things through Max. I just made a video review of the game where I talk about all this stuff

Loading Video...

Sure hope we don't have to wait a decade to play the next game with Max Payne in it! I really like his character in 3.

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#21 Posted by TheHT (14302 posts) -

I wouldn't be interested. The story in Max Payne 3 was promising but dropped the ball towards the end.

Take the gameplay and start a new story.

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#22 Posted by Nightriff (7112 posts) -

Another game in the LA Noire universe is what I would want

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#23 Edited by natedawg_kz (265 posts) -
@theht said:

I wouldn't be interested. The story in Max Payne 3 was promising but dropped the ball towards the end.

Take the gameplay and start a new story.

What this guy said and also a HD collection with trophies would be great.

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#24 Edited by jkz (4169 posts) -

Max Payne 3 was my favourite game of last year, and no thank you. Some sort of reboot that takes the story / thematic elements in an intersting direction? Sure, but I think "our" Max's story is pretty well and over at this point

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#25 Edited by pr1mus (4158 posts) -

Leave Max alone! He deserves a break.

The mechanics are outstanding but i don't want another story with Max. Keep the gameplay and make a non-Max Payne game with it.

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#26 Posted by JosephKnows (405 posts) -

I just beat the game. As much as I enjoyed it, I don't feel like it ended in a way that was super fitting for the man that went through everything in the entire series.

Like others have already mentioned, I see Max Payne dying at the end of the game so he can finally get that release he's been wanting. His actions have been nothing short of suicidal, and even more so in this game.

And yeah, something a little more personal. Maybe back in NY or NJ. The whole story of him leaving America can be what brings him back. No pills and boozing only makes the ghosts of his past come all the more clearer in his memory!

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#27 Posted by Veektarius (6096 posts) -

How about Stranglehold 2 instead?

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#28 Edited by agentboolen (1989 posts) -

@sean2206: I'm not sure how well it sold but I'm seeing this game basically given away in clearance bins for under $10 (both target & Walmart) , damn shame because i played it and really enjoyed it.

For story they could always do a prequel since he does seem at the end of his career in that game. I'd buy it.

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#29 Posted by Dark (484 posts) -

You know what, now I do want a max payne 4, cause its max payne and I want to see how many more people he can lose.

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And there you go, thats your max payne 4.

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#30 Posted by isomeri (2767 posts) -

I think I'd rather have a quality HD-edition of the first two games. The story in the first three games had a pretty good arch, and I can't really think of what stories there are left to tell with the character. Maybe they could release a Mona Sax game and flesh out the story on her side of things, I don't know.

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#31 Posted by Ghostiet (5832 posts) -

@josephknows said:

I just beat the game. As much as I enjoyed it, I don't feel like it ended in a way that was super fitting for the man that went through everything in the entire series.

Like others have already mentioned, I see Max Payne dying at the end of the game so he can finally get that release he's been wanting. His actions have been nothing short of suicidal, and even more so in this game.

I felt that was the point of his arc in 3. Part of the reason why I enjoyed it so much is that Max fails in that game whenever he tries to live his life like everything is designed to give him that sweet release - treating the rich girl as a stand in for his wife and Mona to save and redeem himself, being the guy who stands up and protects a girl's honor in NJ and then martyrs himself out of there, shaving his hair and pretending that this is catharsis, etc. Once he abandons all that personal angst and goes after the bad guys because, well, they are bad guys, it goes a lot better and he's also in a better place.

Even the theme song by HEALTH kinda foreshadows that - the chorus is, after all, "trust us now / it's time to let me go / give up on us / follow what you want", while it later gets warped in noise (like Max's self-loathing and alcoholism) into "it's time to let me / never let go".

Opinions are opinions, but I found Max finally getting over of all his shit and just going away into the sunset to be a much more ballsy and thematically impressive move than just him dying Man on Fire-style for his already warped ideals - at least in the larger context of MP3's narrative. Sure, Remedy wanted it that way (as indicated by the Sudden Stop in Alan Wake), but they would also create a way different journey to that conclusion.

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#32 Edited by Ezekiel (1687 posts) -

On the one hand, the man has been through enough. On the other, Max Payne 3 is my favorite Rockstar game and I want another game like it.

I think a spiritual successor with a different character would be best. Edit: But him dying in one last game actually sounds cool.

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#33 Posted by TrulyAlive (1135 posts) -

As long as they bring HEALTH back to do the soundtrack again, sure, I'd play that.

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#34 Edited by jkz (4169 posts) -

Max Payne 3 is one of my favorite games of the past few years, and 2nd only to Red Dead among rockstar games for me, so I'd absolutely adore one. I definitely wouldn't want it to become an annualised franchise or such, but I'd love to see them try to push forward with the style of game they made in Max Payne 3.

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#35 Posted by joseffthered (100 posts) -

I'd much rather have another Bully.

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#36 Posted by Nightriff (7112 posts) -

At this point sure, I would rather Remedy do it than Rockstar but that's not possible at this moment.

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#37 Posted by kishinfoulux (3243 posts) -

If it's more Max Payne 3, which was awesome, I'm all in.

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#38 Posted by conmulligan (1701 posts) -

I liked Max Payne 3 quite a bit despite some questionable plot choices and shaky dialogue, so I'd be open to another entry. I think I'd probably prefer Rockstar try something else, though.

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#39 Posted by Giant_Gamer (535 posts) -

I would love it if it's many years later. Max is old and age is becoming a burden for him. Then something happens which triggers vengeance in him. So the question becomes will Max do his mission or will age get in his way.

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