James McCaffrey's Voice.

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So I have exposed myself to a TON of this game. Having played through it twice now and working on getting through it on harder difficulties, I have found that the voice of Max, James McCaffrey, has been thoroughly burrowed into my mind. His internal monologues really are brilliant. Anyway, I have recently found myself sort of doing the same thing that Max does, only its in my real everyday life at work. I play a track in my mind based on the current situation, only in Max's voice instead of my own. For instance, if someone pisses me off I may think (in Max's voice), "I thought about re-arranging his miserable face with my fist. Maybe that would finally shut him the fuck up. But I soon realized that it would cause more trouble for me than his miserable skin was worth. I shrugged it off and moved on to the task at hand."

Lol it's crazy, I know. Just wondering if anyone else does this.

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No it's not crazy, in fact it really speaks volumes about the amount of effort and talent that went into this game. For me, his voice paired with the excellent writing is just amazing, and yes it plays in my head as well. You aren't alone friend!

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Haha yeah, that has always happened when I've played the Max Payne games. In the Quick Look it seemed like Jeff wasn't a fan of McCaffrey, but I really enjoy him.

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I didn't before but now I am.

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@DeathByWaffle said:

Haha yeah, that has always happened when I've played the Max Payne games. In the Quick Look it seemed like Jeff wasn't a fan of McCaffrey, but I really enjoy him.

I totally wrote that, and his rejection of the game in some video(meeting Alex/showing him around), off. I really respect Jeff as a pro, but some of his reviews and such have made me think for myself. He is a unique dude who seems very on about some things, is genuinely good at games(unlike me a lot) and has his tastes.

But ...no. McCaffery, and Max Payne 3 win this one in my book. For me.

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I just now finished Max Payne 3- that game was fucking amazing- and I love Mccaffrey's voice. It's great- not quite Solid Snake great, but pretty damn close.

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No I have never done that (and I played Max Payne 1 and 2 about as much as you say you've played this current one). That's interesting, though. It's kinda like if you mess up a monitor and the picture gets burned in. Its getting stuck in your head. That's kind of funny.

@bybeach: I agree, but I've always liked Max's voice. Jeff has gone on record to say he has never liked it, so it's just something I disagree with him on. No biggie.

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I still hear him as Zane from time to time.

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