Just finished it.. man

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I absolutely loved this game.. I found my self really sucked into the story. It was challenging too. I knew this was going to be a heavily story driven game but sounds like the majority did not.

Thank you rock star. The last chapter was worth it alone, adrenaline rush out the wazzoo.

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Dat song at the airport.


Rockstar knows when to kick in songs with lyrics in their games.

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I loved how it almost relished in its plot holes, how dark it was overall... Rockstar is really doing great work with story telling. I'm a huge fan of 1 and 2 and 3 is very different but I'm glad they didn't just try to mimic Remedy. Amazing game.

@SecondPersonShooter said:

Dat song at the airport.


Rockstar knows when to kick in songs with lyrics in their games.

Yes it rivaled the Mexico song from Red Dead.

Choosing Health for the soundtrack was just brilliant.

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I agree. Gameplay is not why I love the game so much, but I enjoyed it. The presentation goes a long way for me.

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It was good... but I didn't think it was as good as the old Max Payne games, and - personally - I think I liked Spec Ops: The Line more than Max Payne 3.

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@Phyrlord: agree completely, I was unsure of my feelings on the game until I got past disc one but disc two is where it kicks back into the Max Payne I wanted, IMO it was a solid 60 dollar purchase, plus I'm having a blast with the MP

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I loved it to death too. Need to go back through it. I completed it on hard and it gave me no trophy, but I didn't feel bitter because I had so much fun doing it. It was almost like it was giving me a valid excuse to do it again sometime.

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It's my Game of the Year so far, loved just about everything about it.

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This is one of the few games I haven't yet played, and must play.

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I enjoyed it a lot too. I never played the first two games so I wasn't totally sure what to expect besides slow down bullet time and for Max to be some depressed ex-cop who lost him family but I am very glad I play it!

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I really enjoyed it as well.. It sucks that it was more of a Rockstar game featuring Max Payne than actually Max Payne 3.. but I defiantly dug the whole story arc..

And bloody hell if that score isn't amazing, glad I got the special edition with the copy of the CD

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It's not a classic like Max Payne 1 and 2. The change in writer and developer made it lose the awesome atmosphere, characters, and tone from the first two games. It's far less original now. It's a decent 3rd person shooter, but not great.

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I loved Max Payne 3 so very much that it is hard for me to put into words. Game of the year so far.

Edit: To anybody who hasn't played the game yet, please pick up the PC version. I tried playing the game on my friends 360 the other day and that version is abysmal in comparison. The controller is just too inaccurate and slow in comparison to a mouse and keyboard that you really have to change your play style to accommodate for the controller. This makes for a lot slower, more difficult, more limiting, and more easily more frustrating play through. Not to mention the whole running at sub-HD resolutions, no AA, no v-sync, while struggling to stay at 30fps hurts the overall experience.

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Finished it today. I thought the gameplay got pretty frustrating at some points but when it wasn't it was extremely satisfying. I really loved the cinematic presentation of the whole game and Max's clever criticism of everyone around him and himself. I'm really glad I played this.

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Honestly thought it was ok. Also that last level would have been cool without a dumb boss at the end. Other than that it's ok. The other Max Payne games are still better.

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#16 Posted by cosi83 (494 posts) -

Don't really understand the negative criticism. Cover is only there as a last resort. I had more fun playing Payne 3 than I did with Red Dead.

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I was a huge fan of Max Payne 2, and still am, i feel i like the noir aesthic of that game. That being said, i enjoyed MP3.

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I think this version of Max Payne is refreshing and a needed change. The presentation is amazing, but the soundtrack is fucking phenomenal. I'm surprised the GB crew didn't mention anything about it.

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Wasn't a fan however the Airport finale was a thing of beauty

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The whole airport sequence with Health playing along... Jesus, there are not many moments in my memory that could be compared to that one Roaring Rampage of Revenge scene. Even if I could summarize my experience with Max Payne 3 as overally a little boring and frustrating at times, that one moment when the song starts playing, and you know Max is going to fuck shit up as only he can, justifies the buy. Really, all the previous 7 hours of good but not great gameplay are excused - that one short part of the level is one of the best, the most awesome scenes in video games history.

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I also liked this game a lot. It's not my Game of the Year, but I thought Rockstar did a great job. It's not the same as the first two games, but I played all 3 games in a 2 month period, and I thought it actually felt pretty cohesive. The 2nd game was already pretty different from the first one, and I now feel it's the weakest one.

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The airport part with Health playing reminded me a lot of Drive, while the rest of the game was clearly a Tony Scott homage. Like a lot of you, I thought it was alright. I think it suffered from a lack of variation in pacing and game mechanics; I definitely felt some fatigue with the gameplay loop in the back quarter. It was a thing of beauty, though - gorgeous and well voice-acted.


I thought I was going to go back in and hunt down all the golden guns, but little did I realize that the majority of the cutscenes are unskippable because the game's loading the level. That means sitting and hammering the x button for literally 3-5 minutes until the next sequence is playable. I think I'll pass.

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