The questionable availability of cheats.

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So to be clear, I really love cheats. Not so that I can blast through a game without approaching it on it's own terms, mind you. I'm fine with beating the game before it unlocks the keys to the fun kingdom, Uncharted 2 kept me coming back for constant playthroughs with it's plentiful cheats/skins/weapons selections (the single most disappointing thing about Uncharted 3, and why I couldn't commit to a second playthrough of it).

So with Max Payne 3, I have a rather inconsequential question, can I unlock cheats using the other cheats? Say I have every clue and golden gun, I've got bullet cam on every kill and infinite ammo. Now I want infinite bullet time and infinite health so I can truly bend the game for a playful experience. Too bad I'm expected to complete an entire paythrough on score attack to a gold standard, another playthrough on hardcore with free aim...

My question is, when I finally do this and obtain the cheats that will allow me to play the game differently and have more fun, what's left to do anymore? I want to play around and enjoy the fun unlocks in games like Max Payne 3 or Gear of War even, but why lock away the playful stuff behind enough barriers that I've literally drained every other mode of all of it's value to get them? Because at that point, how can I enjoy playing the game anymore?

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