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rip off

Max Payne was a great success on the pc but for some reason rockstar down graded this great game to a lame game. 2002 saw the success of halo and other great games but on the pc rockstar made a game called max Payne and released it. It was a great success but the game turned lame as it arrived its way to the ps2. the storyline of this disastrous game is a cop called max Payne who is chased by his demons and sooner and later a plot was made to smoke out his family and as you proceed through this game the story turns weird and it is set out that someone who looks like max committed this horrendous crime. This is a good storyline for all of the platforms and that's the only thing rockstar did great. The thing that let this good game down as it came to the ps2 is the graphics. When max would hold a gun it would look like it was surgically stuck on his hand as if you would shoot the gun would not separate from the hand. Another good point is the music it really reacted to the game. The voice acting was not good at all it was like the cast had a throat problem. The prologue to each chapter was **** it really was crap you would need to walk along a trail of blood while listening to this horrible scream. The graphics ruined it as it was the graphics fault that you could not walk along the blood. I really don't know what rockstar was smoking to convert a good game to a crap game so if any one who wants to try this game avoid it at all costs on the ps2 and buy it for the pc.

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