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    Max Thunder

    Character » appears in 9 games

    A wrestler, who at the request of his friend Axel, joined the other Streets of Rage 2 protagonists in retrieving Adam.

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    Max Thunder(who bears a different name, "Hatchett" in the European release) is probably one of the more periphery heroes in the series, having only appeared in one game and having had a less direct involvement in the series' story. Nevertheless, he is an undeniably effective and enjoyable addition to the game he did appear in.
    Max is the archtypical lumbering "Powerhouse" of Streets of Rage 2, boasting the game's most powerful attack, the Atomic Drop as well as a range of other powerful throws and blows. While his weight leaves him unable to vault over enemies for alternate throws Max instead jumps into the air holding his victim in a facelock/waistlock from which he can deliver some crippling slams.
    Max is also proficient with larger weapons such as the lead pipe and Katana, his large swings allowing him to strike targets both in front and behind .   On the downside, he moves at an incredibly slow, lumbering pace, which may be a serious problem against ninjas, kickboxers, bikers and their grenades and other fast, avoidant enemies. This is alleviated somewhat by his Power Slide which moves him across the screen more quickly and helps him set opponents up for throws.


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