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    Maximum Games is a California based games publisher.

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    Maximum Games is a full-service boutique publisher of entertainment software around the world. Formerly known as Maximum Family Games, the publisher changed their name in March of 2012 to reflect the increasing diversity of their published games, which had grown to include much more than just family-friendly titles.

    Founded by industry veterans Christina Seelye and Len Ciciretto in 2009, Maximum Games has published cross-platform and cross-generational games in a number of genres. Their early releases included two well-received Junior DS titles, and their published work expanded to include new Wii, Nintendo DS, and PC games in 2010. In March of 2016, the publisher released their first game developed in-house, a spiritual successor to Haggard Games’ Death to Spies series called Alekhine’s Gun.

    As of March 31, 2016, Maximum Games acquired Avanquest Software Publishing Ltd., a United Kingdom-based publisher and distributor, as part of an effort to expand the company’s reach.

    Recent Games

    Maximum Games has several recently released titles, including a partnership with award-winning snowboarder Mark McMorris titled Mark McMorris Infinite Air. Inspired by the physics and simulation-based Skate series, Infinite Air aims to bring a sense of realism to the snowboarding genre. The game features user-generated content and encourages players to create their own courses in an included level editor.

    The publisher’s first virtual reality game is also out now, thanks to a partnership with developer Untold Games. Loading Human is an adventure game-inspired VR title in which players take on the role of Prometheus, a young astronaut who must save his father by journeying across the stars. This emotionally-driven title combines the unique immersiveness of virtual reality with a movement system aimed at eliminating motion sickness, making it an accessible title for early VR adopters.


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