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    May Lee

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    May Lee is a character from The King of Fighters franchise. She trains under Kim Kaphwan and uses her own style of Taekwondo.

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    "May" Jinju Lee, usually referred to as May Lee, is a character from The King of Fighters franchise. She was introduced into the series in The King of Fighters 2001 at the request of then-owner Eolith, who wanted a "Korean Athena." Like her mentor Kim Kaphwan, May Lee has a strong sense of justice.

    She joins the Korea Team in place of Jhun Hoon in 2001, replaces King in the Women Fighters Team in 2002, and is part of the Pretty Girl Fighters Team with Hinako Shijou and Li Xiangfei in 2002 Unlimited Match.

    Fighting Techniques

    May Lee normally uses a personalized version of Taekwondo; as Taekwondo is a kick-based martial art, she only has one punch button. However, May Lee also has a second stance known as "Hero Mode." In Hero Mode, she dons a large scarf, the frog on her shirt changes shape, and she gains access to a variety of moves inspired by tokusatsu heroes such as Kamen Rider.

    Command Normals

    • Posture Shift: Changes May Lee's stance. Almost all of May Lee's moves can be canceled into a Posture Shift. Blocking, throwing, and rolling are disabled in Hero Mode, and any damage that May Lee incurs will revert her to Normal stance.
    • Hero's Guard [Hero]: May Lee sticks both of her hands forward, blocking any attacks. This is the only defensive action available to Hero Mode May Lee.
    • Sliding [Hero]: A sliding kick.

    Special Moves (Normal)

    • Self Rebellion 1: May Lee lifts her knee up while leaning into an (anticipated) attack. If she is hit with a physical attack, she performs a high kick followed by a two-step bicycle kick.
    • Dragon Tail Kick: A "Rekka" style move that begins with a low kick followed by a high kick. Dragon Tail Kick can be canceled into Windmill Kick, where she pivots on one kick and kicks with the other; Windmill Kick can then be canceled into Heart Charge Kick, where she steps forward and delivers a horizontal kick that knocks the opponent away. Dragon Tail Kick or Windmill Kick can also be canceled into the following moves:
    1. Sun Rise Kick: A jumping kick that knocks the opponent to the ground. Once May Lee has jumped into the air, the move can instead be canceled into Sun Set Kick; she performs a midair front flip, using her feet to knock the opponent to the ground.
    2. Tiger Tail Kick: She performs a low sweep.
    3. Head Bone Kick: An overhead kick that must be blocked while standing.
    4. Self Rebellion 2: A counter move identical to Self Rebellion 1.
    5. Dual Stars Kick: A two-step bicycle kick.

    Special Moves (Hero)

    • Full Swing Chop: A two-handed overhead chop that knocks the opponent down.
    • May Lee Chooop!: May Lee hops into the air while performing an overhead chop.
    • Shining Thunder Blow: May Lee dives forward, electrified fist outstretched. The Light version knocks the opponent down, while the Heavy version runs through them.
    • May Lee Break: A command grab. She holds the opponent before punting them away with a horizontal kick.

    Desperation Moves

    • Beast God Kick [Normal]: May Lee flips in the air. If she connects with the enemy, she rests her foot on them before quickly performing a twirling middle kick. The opponent must block the attack while standing, and will be bounced off of the stage boundary if hit.
    • May Lee Dynamic! [Hero]: An autocombo super initiated from the air. She ends the assault with a double palm strike.
    • Disposition Frog [Normal]: May Lee initiates the Super Desperation Move by performing a high kick. If she successfully hits the opponent, she starts an aerial assault before diving to the ground and assuming Hero Mode; she then rains down several ki blasts, finally striking a pose as the opponent explodes.
    • May the End [Hero]: She performs a chop. If if hits, she jumps back, flips into the air, and performs a diving kick. She then strikes a pose as the opponent explodes.
    • Key of Victory [Hero]: May Lee's Hidden Super Desperation Move; like May the End, it also begins with a chop. If successful, she creates a clone that slides forward with an outstretched punch. The opponent is hit with a double rising kick, and May Lee strikes a pose as the opponent explodes in midair.

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