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    Maya Fey

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    Maya is Mia Fey's little sister and Phoenix Wright's assistant. She is a Spirit Medium-in-training.

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    Maya's appearance changes when channeling a spirit.
    Maya's appearance changes when channeling a spirit.

    Maya Fey ( 綾里真宵 /Mayoi Ayasato in Japan) is the younger sister of Phoenix Wright’s mentor, Mia Fey, and daugher of Misty Fey. She first meets Phoenix when she is implicated in the murder of her sister. Phoenix fights to clear her name, and once she is declared innocent, she decides to become his assistant. Maya is able to help in several ways, but most importantly, she is able to channel the spirit of her late sister, who helps Phoenix out when he’s in a tight spot. Maya leaves the city after Phoenix’s fourth case to return to her hometown and finish her training.

    Maya is reunited with Phoenix when she is once again charged with murder. Phoenix once again clears her name, and Maya returns to his side with her little cousin Pearl Fey.


    Maya is always full of energy. She enthusiastically supports Phoenix throughout all of his cases. She has the tendency to act very child-like at times, liking kids action shows on TV like The Steel Samurai of Neo Tokyo. Her favorite food is hamburgers (ramen in the original Japanese version, as she and Phoenix were regular customers to Guy Eldoon's noodle shop), and she constantly pesters Phoenix to buy her one. On their adventures, whenever the two happen to come across certain food she enjoys (such as steaks or sweets), she always proclaims that she is hungry again and has an extra stomach for said food item. Her child-like tendencies continue well into adulthood (as implied in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney when the older Phoenix still receives gifts of Steel Samurai videos from her). Due to her bubbly nature and unorthodox ways of thinking, Phoenix often questions her mental health, albeit jokingly. Despite this, she has a kind heart, is a great friend to Phoenix, and is a helpful partner at Wright & Co Law Offices.

    Special Powers

    Being a woman of the Fey Clan, Maya Fey has the gift of spirit-channeling. This comes in handy whenever Phoenix is in a desperate time of need. When she channels a spirit, she takes on the appearance of that person (a fact that was exploited and used against her at one point), and communicates with them via letters. She did not have full control of her channeling power in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, as it was sporadic and only occurred when it seemed like all hope was lost. By Justice for All and other future games, however, she could channel at will after she had her training. Maya also gives Phoenix her Magatama, which allows him to sense the "chains and locks" of someone that is holding a crucial secret.


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