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    First introduced in Killer Instinct 2. She is an Amazonian woman seeking to destroy Gargos and regain her standing in her tribe.

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    Maya was one of the original warriors that sealed Gargos away. For this feat she was named Queen of Amazonia. Upon Gargos's return, however, she was cast out of her tribe and banished from Amazonia until Gargos has been defeated once again.


    Depending on how the player finishes certain battles (finishing moves or regular attacks), Maya can earn two different endings.
    Ending #1: Kill Tusk
    Maya defeats Gargos and returns to Amazonia to rule as the queen once again. Though she is a good ruler, it's hinted that she feels lonely after killing Tusk, whom she had developed some feelings for.
    Ending #2: Don't kill Tusk
    Maya defeats Gargos and is able to return to Amazonia to resume her role as queen. She is accompanied by Tusk, whom she has developed feelings for and marries. The two then rule over Amazonia together.

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