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    Mayahem Temple

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    Mayahem Temple is an ancient paradise, and the first level in Banjo-Tooie.

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    Mayahem Temple is the first main level in Banjo-Tooie. The name is no doubt derived from the words "Maya(n)" and "Mayhem". It is styled like an ancient civilization, complete with overgrown temples and torch lighting. The level is built around a massive temple, with the path winding around to the top of the level. A seminal soundtrack accompanies your adventures, in Mayahem Temple.

    Points of Interest

    Mayahem Kickball Tournament - A large guard blocks the way to the always-popular stony kickball tournament. You'll have to come back when you're one of them...

    Targitzan's Treasure Room - A crony of Targitzan's has lost his most prized treasure. You'll have to retrieve it from another place....

    Top of the Temple - From this vantage point, you can see the whole main sector of the level. Useful for deciding where to go next. There may also be a reward for making it this high in the sky...

    Jade Snake Grove - Behind the stone door is an area with a few things to do. A large, sleepy snake also protects some treasure...

    Prison Compound - Behind the other stone door lies a prison in lockdown. You'll have to look to the skies to open the door...

    Bovina's Field - Flies bother the crops of a distraught cow. Help her and she may make it worth your while...

    Code Chamber - In this room, you can shoot eggs at the various letters on the wall, to spell out and activate cheats that you have learned from Cheato or other characters. Remember this, you'll want to come back here.

    Targitzan's Temple - A massive temple that is the centerpiece of the level. Inside, you'll run around trying to gain access to both of Targitzan's sacred chambers. The dart-shooting god himself may even pay you a visit...

    Characters and Crossovers

    Mumbo Jumbo

    - In this level, Mumbo uses his magic to resurrect a giant gold statue. You control the statue and have the ability to run fast and break down barriers by kicking with your foot. It takes a lot of elbow grease to keep those 2,000 year old joints running though, so you better hurry.

    Humba Wumba

    - Humba transforms you into a stony in this level, complete with backpack and shorts. You are able to talk to other stonies, as well as play in the kickball tournament, while in this form.


    - In this level, you learn your first moves from Jamjars. These include:
    Grip Grab - Ability to hang on ledges
    Egg Aiming - Better egg aiming
    Breegull Blaster - Allow you to enter into First-Person, using Kazooie as a gun that fires eggs.


    Moggies - The standard enemy for the level. They wield clubs and shields, and make a rough, almost cat-like noise when spotting you.
    Sput Sput - These silent sentries keep watch over the temple. They shoot darts at anyone who gets too close. Nailing them between the eyes will make them less watchful.
    Dragunda - As in other swamp parts, the swamp monster bites anyone who dares wade into the muck. It is invincible, so you better bring some boots.
    Snapdragon - These creatures camp around ledges that Banjo uses to grab onto. Get close, wait for them to snap, and peck its brains out.
    Flies - Relatively harmless, except to crops. They fly around and buzz. One well placed egg with serve as excellent extermination.

    Boss - Targitzan
    Targitzan - Despotic Dizzy Totem God
    Targitzan - Despotic Dizzy Totem God

    The boss of Mayahem Temple. He is the god of dart-shooting. With many body-parts conditioned to dart-shooting, you'll need to hit the targets effectively to bring this totem to the ground.


    To Glitter Gulch Mine - In the back of the Prison Compound. A rodent friend is trapped in a cage. It may take some outside help to get her home to safety.
    To Terrydactyland - In Targitzan's Treasure Room. The cavemen have made off with the treasure. You'll have to go back in time to retrieve it.
    To Hailfire Peaks - In the kickball lobby. A wooden gate blocks the way to the mountain. It can only be opened from the other side...

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