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    Maze Hunter 3-D

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jan 31, 1988

    A maze-exploration game for the Sega Master System that uses Sega's 3D goggles periphery to create the illusion of depth.

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    Maze Hunter 3-D (released in Japan with the more benign title Maze Walker) is another tech demo developed by Sega to demonstrate how a pair of 3D goggles, sold as a separate peripheral, could be used to create images with a depth to them via a form of stereoscopy. Playing the game without the glasses is not recommended, as the resulting flicker effect makes it hard to play.


    The game itself involves walking around a series of 20 mazes from a top-down perspective and searching for the exit, which often led to lower floors that the player would be able to see from the previous floor. In order to unlock the exit, the player would have to find a key first.

    The player character can defeat any of the wandering monsters in the maze with his steel bar (found on the first stage), though colliding with any of them is usually an instant kill. There are also power-ups to find, which can boost the player character's speed or allow him to take more hits from enemies.


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