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 Title screen.
Title screen.

M.C. Kids is a video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and was a game similar to the popular Mario Bros. games at the time. It was also a marketing tool for McDonald's featuring characters like Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar.


M.C Kids consist of six worlds where one of each of Ronald's friends live. Each world consist of 2D platforming levels where players progression is made by finding McDonald cards located secretly in each of the levels and completing the end of the level without dying. Players are able to repeat levels as many times as they want in order to find any McDonald cards they may have missed during previous runs, once the player has found a specific amount of McDonald cards and has completed each level, will the player be able to move on to the next world. The game is also known with its abundant amount of secrets as the cards for each friend are spread out and found in other worlds besides the one they live in. There are a total of 42 McDonald cards to be collected total.

McDonaldland Worlds

Ronald's Clubhouse

 Ronald's Clubhouse.
Ronald's Clubhouse.

Ronald Clubhouse is the first world Mic and Mac begin their adventure in consisting of green hills and vast forest levels. Mic and Mac need to find 4 out of 6 cards to move on to Birdie's Treehouse.

Birdie's Treehouse

 Birdie's Treehouse.
Birdie's Treehouse.

Birdie's Treehouse is the second visited by Mic and Mac, the levels found in this world are taken to the skies with cloud and ice based levels. The player needs to find a total of 5 cards before moving on to the next world.

Grimace's Highlands

Professor's Workshop

CosMc's Retreat

Hamburglar's Hideout

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